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State of the IoT 2020: 12 billion IoT connections

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the market for the Internet of Things continues to grow. In 2020, for the first time, there are more IoT connections (e.g., connected cars, smart home devices, connected industrial equipment) than there are non-IoT connections (smartphones, laptops, and computers). Of the 21.7 billion active connected devices worldwide, 11.7 billion (or 54%) will be IoT device connections at the end of 2020. By 2025, it is expected that there will be more than 30 billion IoT connections, almost 4 IoT devices per person on average.


3 Rules of COVID-19 Workplaces: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility

For buildings, flexibility comes from visibility and intelligence. Only by knowing what is happening in a building can smart systems respond to changes, so during times of uncertainty buildings should develop their sensory infrastructure. Motion detectors, people counting cameras, and even carbon dioxide monitors can all help buildings better determine occupancy levels, allowing the processed data to trigger the necessary efficiency changes across the facility. As we continue with a hotch-potch of remote work, office-returns, and flexible policies, the prevailing building automation systems (BAS) simply cannot maintain good efficiency levels.

Sensative take: To get the insights you need you need access to data. Both legacy system data and new IoT data. You need a horizontal multi-party platform that integrates all possible technologies and systems providing the data and control in real-time. Then you enable flexibility. Meet Sensative Yggio.

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Sensative part of the European AI Startup Landscape

European Ai Startup Landscape
European Ai Startup Landscape

With the objective to foster and accelerate AI in Europe, applied AI by UnternehmerTUM (Germany), Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Sweden) came together in early 2020 to start the initial steps in mapping the AI startup ecosystem in Europe.

It is essential to shine a light on the top AI startups in Europe in order to drive AI adoption and create more partnership opportunities between startups and corporations. By creating a centralized database of quality AI startups, corporations and SMEs will have easier access to AI partners they can trust.

Following the initial launch of the German/Swedish/French landscape, other European AI initiatives will be asked to participate in order to grow the landscape to include startups from more countries.

AI in IoT.hero

We currently have no smart cities — by 2025 there’ll be 26

Spending on smart city technology is expected to reach US$327 billion by 2025, up from US$96 billion in 2019, according to a new forecast from Frost & Sullivan.

The analyst company said an uncertain post-pandemic situation will compel cities to focus on developing collaborative, data-driven infrastructure for use in healthcare, public security services and more.

Artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions are expected to be in high demand, with growing opportunities for crowd analytics, open data dashboards and digital city services.

The kind of multi-party multi-network platform that Sensative already supplies to multiple cities, municipalities, and real estate companies in Sweden. Will Sweden again take the lead when it comes to new infrastructure and communication, like when Telia, Ericsson, and Nokia (yes, they are Finns, our closest neighbor) invented mobile phones and cellular GSM networks?

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IoT-verkstad i Studio Stadshuset

Digital Humans – Projektet City as a platform bjöd i oktober på en digital workshop där både kommunanställda och andra lärde sig hur man kopplar in en sensor till Sensatives plattform Yggio. I Lund satt deltagarna i Studio Stadshuset och efter några timmars arbete skickade sensorerna värden för temperatur och eventuella vattenläckage till plattformen och taklampan i lokalen kunde styras via datorerna.

“…Det var fantastiskt att workshopen gick att genomföra digitalt trots att det är svårt att ge stöd på distans, bland annat på grund av att alla sitter på olika nätverk.”

Håkan Lundström och alla på Sensative tackar arrangörerna och deltagarna för en riktigt bra workshop!


Här är finalisterna i Business Arena Tech Awards – Fastighetsnytt

Nu är det klart vilka sex bidrag som går vidare till final i innovationstävlingen Business Arena Tech Awards.

Spoiler: Sensative och Yggio3 är en av finalisterna 🙂

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The 2020 guide to Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQ)

This document is for operations personnel and businesses new to indoor air quality monitoring. It breaks down a range of common concerns and recommends practical, low-cost solutions that companies implement and offer to their customers.

From reduced productivity to getting sick to ultimately becoming indisposed 一 there’s a common thread to it all, and it has a cost. Investing in understanding IAQ is an investment in your people and data around how a building serves them, with a substantial ROI.

Sensative Strips for LoRaWAN is one of the recommended sensors in this report by Norada Corporation.

…Our engineers loved working with Sensative’s devices…

– Zander Iles, Partner Manager at Norada Corporation

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”Viktigaste beslutet var att ha kvar sälj på 100 procent” | Techarenan.news

Pandemin är långt ifrån över men nu har ekonomin under en tid visat tecken på återhämtning. Efterfrågan ökar, produktionen vänder

Sensatives VD Mats Pettersson svarar på frågor om hur Sensative påverkats av pandemin och hur vi hanterar det.


Scandinavian medium-sized cities approach to IoT | by Benjamin Daix | Sep, 2020 | Medium

When mentioning smart cities one often visualises, for instance, NYC, Singapore, Seoul etc. Actually, small and medium cities are not behind in this respect, and their customised approach can contribute to a relevant deployment and use of IoTs, such as Lund in Sweden.

Benjamin Daix takes a look at medium size Smart Cities and highlights Lund in Sweden and the extended partnership with Sensative.

Sensative’s take

A smart metropolis, like London or Amsterdam, is so powerful in terms of finance, economic sectors, so we expect much more from them. Therefore, we consider the initiatives of smaller towns more appealing, as they are able to capitalize their local assets because the system they create is paradoxically more replicable and engages their citizens.

This bottom-up way, starting from the roots of the pain points, ensures that the innovations developed will actually be used and creates the positive externalities politically and economically.

Read the full article here: https://medium.com/@benjamin.daix/scandinavian-medium-sized-cities-approach-to-iot-a1ae144f842d

tech stack

Here’s How Your Property Management Software Determines Your Tech Stack | Propmodo

Choosing the right ERP solution is more important than choosing the right add-on technology.

…There are plenty of listicles out there giving their recommendations for the best at X, be it marketing, operational optimization, energy efficiency, or tenant experience improvement. There’s a catch, though. Based on the property management software you’ve chosen to run with, many of your tech choices might already be made up for you…

So, maybe you should actually choose the best platform for integrating it all, including all the new IoT, AI, etc. Letting you freely choose the best SW and supplier for a specific task, knowing that it will actually work with your legacy technology, just because you have Sensative’s Yggio bridging it all.

Qoitech Otii measuring Sensative Strips battery

Qoitech: Profilering av batterier med svenska verktyg

Att välja rätt energikälla till sin IoT-produkt är en avgörande del av utvecklingsprocessen. För mindre och billigare sensorer är knappcellsbatterier det självklara valet eftersom de möjliggör en mindre formfaktor och håller ett förhållandevis lågt pris.

Intressant test av olika knappceller anslutna till en av Sensatives Strips för LoRaWAN. Resultatet visar varför vi använder specialdesignat batteri där vi har full kontroll över beteendet, vilket leder till vår extrema batterilivslängd, även vid en betydligt intensivare signalering än i testerna.

En intressant slutkläm i testen är kommentaren om att användaren kan (kommer att) byta till billigast möjliga batteri med usel livslängd, vilket kommer att ge produkten dåligt rykte om dålig batteritid.

Kolla gärna själv i vår batterikalkylator.

budget report art 1400x933 1

How Much of Their Budget Should Building Managers Allot for COVID-19 Cleaning? | Propmodo

Commercial building managers are planning to increase COVID-19 cleaning budgets in 2021.

…Over half of the respondents expected a 10 percent or more increase in cleaning expenses. This was twice as much as the second-highest category, tenant engagement, which also could be due to increased need for communication around cleaning…

While this bump in budget for cleaning expenses is understandable, it might not be necessary. Even before the shutdown, most cleaning procedures were only optimized to about 65 percent of their potential output, now with lower occupancy that is more like 25 to 30 percent. Even with additional spot cleaning needs, we are finding that many buildings already have enough staff to handle their needs…

Sensative comment: Since it all comes down to optimizing resources you need detailed data on where and when cleaning is needed. Check out the Sensative cleaning-on-demand sensor solution: https://sensative.com/iot_use_cases/post-covid-19-clean-desks-on-demand/



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