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Battery Calculator for Strips LoRaWAN sensors


  • Battery life is a theoretical value, battery life is negatively affected by environmental conditions as well as the overall radio health of the network.
  • These calculations are for Strips MS +Comfort, Strips MS +Drip, and Strips Presence ONLY
NB. The data rate determines how fast bytes are transmitted. If you increase the data rate (make the bandwidth wider or the spreading factor lower) you can transmit those bytes in a shorter time, thus saving battery.
  • Making the bandwidth 2x wider allows you to send 2x more bytes in the same time. LoRaWAN can use channels with a bandwidth of either 125 kHz, 250 kHz or 500 kHz, depending on the region or the frequency plan.
  • Making the spreading factor 1 step lower allows you to send 2x more bytes in the same time.  However, lowering the spreading factor makes it more difficult for the gateway to receive a transmission, as it will be more sensitive to noise. You could compare this to talking in a noisy place. If you’re far from each other, you have to talk slow (SF10), but if you’re close, you can talk faster (SF7). Higher spreading factors will have a huge effect on battery life, potentially 25 times less if using SF12 in comparison to SF7.
  • The optimal spreading factor that will yield the lowest energy consumption is not necessarily the highest or the lowest one, but most likely somewhere in between. (read more about this here)
  • read more here


Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Elongated wireless sensor assembly

Sweden: SE 537 509Europe: 3053152
EP 3 670 811 B1

USA: 9,953,496USA: 10,720,033USA; 11,170,617



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