Access to data matters

Transform your operations and drive your business with IoT data.
All SMARTs need smart infrastructure to work.

Unified technologies

enable digitalization

Merging anything IoT with your installed technologies enable operational excellence

We provide a unified smart infrastructure for launching, leveraging, and scaling Smart IoT solutions.
By connecting the dots across a fragmented world of systems, we help to radically improve services, boost efficiency, and scale business models.

Access to data matters


IoT value lost without interoperability

If data is “the new oil,” then Sensative is your drilling rig and refinery.

Sensative enables your operations to become genuinely data-driven with IoT.

We tear down your system silos and remove technology and vendor lock-ins, making your data accessible and actionable. That is Smart Infrastructure Management.

Creating Order
Out of Chaos

turning IoT confusion into clarity

What can we help you digitalize?

Read about the value of Sensative IoT solutions in your domain.

Data ownership is critical

“Returning data ownership to the customer is a critical differentiator… Frost & Sullivan finds Sensative offers a robust value proposition that opens up opportunities for various industries and applications.”

Samantha Fisher, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
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The lack of standardization in IoT is a problem plaguing several industries. With an enormous number of connected devices implemented everywhere, the need for seamless collaboration between those devices has never been greater.

In addition, initiatives pushing for smart cities and buildings, connected grids, efficient water & waste distribution, environmentally friendly agriculture, and the growing integration of IoT are slowed down and prevented from reaching their full potential without standardization and interoperability-enabling middleware. Meet the Smart Infrastructure solution, meet Yggio DiMS.

Sensative solutions

“Frost & Sullivan finds Sensative’s Yggio and Strips sensors form an unbeatable IoT duo and paves the way for smart ecosystems on the macro (cities, municipalities) and micro (buildings, homes) scale, opening up further use cases and advancing digitalization.”

Samantha Fisher, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan


Digitalization infrastructure Management System
• Any application
• Any 3rd party service
• Any device
• Any technology

We provide unified data & control


The architects choice
Iconic design with a unique form factor
Z-Wave or LoRaWAN
Minimize data acquisition cost


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