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Start Small
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Think Big
Start Small
Scale Fast

Making sense of Internet of Things


Sensative is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for the digitalization of the physical world.

With an open IoT interoperability platform and non-intrusive, no-maintenance sensors, we provide users, services and digital twins with live data and control.

It is easy to become data-driven

Let Sensative make a difference in your Smart Building or City. Since the start, our vision has been to make data accessible and actionable. To tear down system silos, making IoT easy to implement, scale and to use. It all comes down to our different views on how to build a data-driven organization through the power of horizontal architecture that frees data, removes technology and vendor lock-ins.

If data is “the new oil”, then Sensative is your drilling rig and refinery of your operations.

Smart operations

It is all about access to actionable data. Open up and re-use legacy systems, add IoT and sensors and take control and ownership over all your data. 

Think big, start small

Start with a single use case and generate data and new insights from day 1. Then, take next use case.
Digitization, one step at a time.

All data

One standardized interface to all assets, disregarding technologies and suppliers. A horizontal architecture that sets your data free for future-proof operations. 

Sensative provides enabling IoT technology

It’s about giving yourself the best opportunity for success rather than instantly limiting yourself to a fraction of insight and solutions.

Power up!

Simplified operations

With one interface to all assets, buildings, and systems you can easily integrate your real-time operational data into your daily business. Add IoT for remote monitoring and control, optimization and automation, planning and predictive maintenance.

IoT that works in your environment

Different regions, properties, and departments often have their own solutions and vendors. Yggio allows silos of locked-in data and equipment to be integrated and shared in real-time to generate new insights, efficiencies, and capabilities.

Accelerate your innovation

A service is no longer limited to a specific use case or organization. Since Yggio has standardized API and data models there are now opportunities for external developers to combine assets and data into new innovative services, providing valuable opportunities for both owners and service providers.

Sensative provides sensors

The architect’s choice

Meet the Strips Family

A series of sensors with unique capabilities but all in the same sleek form factor, making them the ideal choice for any professional application, like Smart City or Smart Buildings.

Discreet ultra-slim design

The clean design allows for discreet placement. As the Strips are only 3 millimeters thin, they can be used in numerous unique use-cases such as mounting invisibly into a door or window frame or hidden under an appliance

Easy mounting

Using an adhesive backing, mounting is quick and easy.

Low power consumption for long battery life

The long-lasting battery means no changing or replacing batteries for up to 10 years. Install and forget.


Örebroporten Fastigheter AB

Örebroporten Fastigheter AB is a wholly-owned municipal property company. The company manages a lettable area of approximately 360,000 sqm.

Örebroporten manages multiple properties with a large variety of systems, vendors, technologies, and ages. They have a massive challenge in maintenance and responsiveness.

Sensative provides Yggio OS, to integrate and share data form the different properties, enabling substantial savings in maintenance as well as the development of new tenant offerings. Örebroporten sees this as a cornerstone of their digitalization journey.

City of Malmö

The third-largest city in Sweden, with a population of 340,000. The Malmö Metropolitan Region is home to over 700,000 people.

In 2017 the city of Malmö decided that in order to improve the quality of life for its citizens, a digital transformation must take place. The objective is to strengthen Malmö as a city by making life easier and more enjoyable for the people who live there. Sensative provides the Yggio OS to the central IT department, giving them new IoT capabilities. They then use this to provide different IoT-based services to different departments.

Malmo Vastra hamnen–flygbild 06 september 2014
metrodom smart residential property


A leading property developer in Hungary building everything from small condominiums to large residential complexes of hundreds of units.

Metrodom has always been keen to ensure that their buildings and flats are high-quality homes by using modern, future-proof technical solutions. 

Metrodom installs Sensative’s open/close sensors Strips Guard in every new smart home and the flats remain state-of-the-art for years and decades to come.

Some of our partners

Partners that we co-operate with on a regular base to solve customer needs.

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