Making sense of Internet of Things


Sensative is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for the digitalization of the physical world.

With an open IoT integration platform and non-intrusive, no-maintenance sensors, we provide users, services and digital twins with live data and control.

Cities, Buildings and Homes

empowered by data

Sensative sensors

Creating live data

Strip med hand.800x800

  • Invisible design
  • 1/3 Lifecycle cost
  • Install and forget
  • 10 year battery


Providing live data and control

yggio for smarts

  • One API to the physical world
  • Scalable & Secure
  • Technology neutral
  • Built on standards, for standards
  • Handles open and closed data

The future of IoT is happening right now
with real, practical, and usable solutions

Sensative sensors

Strips Drip Test

2 KLAR blue

Strips Drip💧- The thinnest water leakage sensor you’ll find on the market!

Read all about it in the link below from the German site TomsSmarthome. Here’s a quote:

“The Sensative Strips Drip have the advantage over other manufacturers’ products that they can be easily and very discreetly mounted anywhere. This can for example be under a washing machine or dishwasher or as described by me under the basement windows.


In my opinion, water sensors are an absolute must for every SmartHome and due to the ingenious design, the Sensative Strips Drip are my clear recommendation.”

Sensative City empowered by yggio

The Digital Malmö

malmo 600x400

In 2017 the city of Malmö decided that to improve the quality of life for their citizens, a digital transformation must take place. The ultimate goals are to strengthen Malmö as a city and make life a little simpler and more enjoyable for the people who live there. 

“Our IoT-architecture is highly modularized, where layers and pieces fit together in an open and secure way.

We are building an ecosystem of suppliers with capabilities and services built on open standards and an open mindset.

Sensative and the Yggio platform fit excellent in this setup.”


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