Improve your asset utilization
Improve your business operation

To increase your business impact, Sensative has redesigned and simplified the IoT process for ease of deployment.

Ergonomic, long-life sensors, and Sensative’s Yggio platform that retains your data sovereignty.

Proudly created in Lund, Sweden, serving customers worldwide.

Going-on half a million
Sensative sensors
are trusted by
large and small cities
and over two hundred companies
in eleven countries

The USA is our largest customer market outside of Sweden


Ease of deployment – Your sensors are built to order, arrive fully configured,  ready to activate and deploy immediately.
Our customers report less stress and more trust. Sensative validates our sleek, reliable sensors with a 10-year battery life.

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Customers choose our Yggio platform because it is standards-based and radically interoperable. 

They are able to orchestrate data from Sensative and virtually any other brand of sensor.

Business impact with Sensative lives up to industry promise

What Analysts forecast


10%–25% operational efficiency


Up to 70% less downtime


Up to 30% supply chain improvement

Utilization impact Sensative’s customers report

Real Estate

10-25% energy cost improvement


Up to 99% certainty of seat occupancy

Predictive maintainance

MTBF increase of 20-50%

With Sensative you are fully compliant with the 2025 EU Data Act and related regulation,
the global standard

11 January 2024

European Data Act enters into force, putting in place new rules for a fair and innovative data economy.

Forward commitment to the Data Act means benefits for customers in every market:

  • Empower your users by giving them access to the data they help create
  • Create aftermarket and ancillary services, and entirely new use cases
  • The Yggio platform provides open interfaces, preserves data ownership and exportability

What operation can we help you improve?

Reduce energy consumption, improving building ROI

Optimise indoor air quality to increase meeting productivity

Measure occupancy to improve utilization

Reduce transport/ remote work costs

Improve inter-departmental collaboration and productivity

Improve the proactive maintenance of  critical machinery

Sensative brings experience from multiple verticals to solve your problems

Proptech, municipalities, transportation, utilities, agriculture — and more.

This experience insures you are more rapidly able to deploy your Sensative solution and realise operations improvement.


See our Sensors

Discover our trusted, ergonomic sensors, designed in Sweden too meet Nordic standards of reliability.

Discover User-friendly integration

See for yourself — simple configuration and installation.


Order a Demo Pack to show your team

Order a Demo pack to demonstrate sensor effect and connectivity.

Protect your Data Sovereignty

Learn about YGGIO, the only interoperable platform that offers 100% data sovereignty


Learn from our Applications use cases

Explore the 5 “mission critical” applications in Proptech, energy, transportation and more


Challenge Us

We are Nordic problem-solvers. 

Have a specific challenge? We thrive on unusual problems.

“Despite the ongoing push toward sustainability and digitization, various enterprises continue to operate
with “dumb” technology. Specifically, property managers and owners stand to benefit from smart technology.
Swedish technology company, Sensative AB delivers these benefits through an innovative combination of its Internet of Things (IoT) Yggio platform and Strips sensors portfolio.”

— Samantha Fisher
Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Our YGGIO* analytic platform is compatible with every leading standard

Seamlessly integrate your systems and sensors — eliminating vendor lock-in. Your data remains accessible and actionable, no matter where the future leads.

* YGGIO is pronounced "i-glio". If you say the "i" with your lips sightly rounded you are sounding Swedish already. YGGIO is named after the large Tree of Life in Old Norse mythology, Yggdrasil.

logos yggio 1.png
The standard protocols supported by Sensative’s Yggio platform enables a wide range of applications and use cases
  • LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and LTE-M: Dominant standards for long-range, low-bandwidth applications, such as asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and smart metering
  • Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave Plus: Short-range communication standards in home automation, building management, and consumer electronics
  • BACnet and Modbus: Widely used in building automation, industrial control systems, and energy management
  • 5G: Umbrella for many standards in high-speed, low-latency communication

YGGIO runs on public cloud or, to deliver ultimate data sovereignty, your own servers in a Linux environment

“Many competitors, including market leaders, leverage traditional communications service provider business models that come with significant pitfalls.

Sensative designed its Yggio platform to be an industry standard for any domain. As a result, the open platform provides horizontal integration between several sensor networks and enterprises, allowing user and service access to data from shared and private IoT devices. ”

— Samantha Fisher
Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Sensative is
The Utilization Company,
fueling your business success

Ergonomic, long-life sensors, and Sensative's Yggio platform that retains your data sovereignty

Sensative Sensors: Ergonomic, 10-year battery-life, highest reliability data at low acquisition cost

Strips Presence – for desktop occupancy – LoRaWAN
Strips Comfort – for temperature, humidity, and light – LoRaWAN & Z-Wave
Strips Guard – for open/close doors and windows – LoRaWAN & Z-Wave
Strips Drip – for water leakage detection and temperature monitoring – LoRaWAN & Z-Wave
Strips Oil – for oil, water and most other liquids – LoRaWAN
Square Comfortfor temperature and humidity – LoRaWAN 
Square Sound – for sound pressure level. Alarms, actual or average levels. Also temperature, humidity & ambient light – LoRaWAN
Square Air – multi-sensor incl IAQ (Air Quality Index), temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient light, bVOC and CO2eq (calculated CO2 based on bVOC value) – LoRaWAN
Puck LoRaWAN – accurate 60 GHz radar sensor for distance and occupancy sensing with a 6.8 m range – LoRaWAN
Square Tracker – motion triggered (3D accelerator) cloud-based geo-positioning using GNSS (GPS/Beidou) and WIFI. LoRaWAN
Square Tracker Xtreme – ruggedized and weather-proof motion triggered (3D accelerator) cloud-based geo-positioning using GNSS (GPS/Beidou) and WIFI – LoRaWAN

YGGIO: Interoperable with every standard, protects your data sovereignty

Data infrastructure Management System
• Any application
• Any 3rd party service
• Any device
• Any technology
• Data Quality Control

We provide unified data & control

A selection of our customers​

Most of these are famous brands.
We are happy to provide references.

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Let's talk!

We relish solving your Asset Utilization problems.

Every solution gets a personal touch.



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