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Sensative and Combain Unite for AI-enhanced Location Solutions

Press Release – Lund, Sweden – October 11, 2023


Sensative and Combain are thrilled to announce our strategic collaboration, marking a new era of AI-powered seamless indoor/outdoor location solutions.

The partnership between Sensative and Combain will focus on creating a comprehensive solution for seamless indoor/outdoor geolocation that leverages AI algorithms and deep learning techniques.

Combain uses AI to train an artificial neural network using ground-truth geolocations, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, and signal strength. This innovative approach surpasses traditional trilateration methods, remarkably reducing median error. This enhanced indoor geolocation service complements Sensative’s LoRaWAN devices’ GPS/Beidou functionality and provides new abilities in the Yggio Data infrastructure Management System (DiMS) IoT platform. The collaboration will drive cross-promotion and lead generation for both businesses, opening new opportunities in the rapidly growing market for positioning, tracking, and asset management solutions.

square tracker extreme rendering
Square Tracker Xtreme

This partnership comes when the demand for AI-powered indoor location services is at an all-time high. As businesses strive to provide seamless navigation experiences and personalized services to their customers, Sensative and Combain are poised to meet these evolving needs with their combined expertise, innovative technologies, and market reach. 

Combain AI Indoor Demo  

Combain demo of joint AI-based seamless indoor/outdoor geolocation service
Combain demo of joint AI-based seamless indoor/outdoor geolocation service

“We’re thrilled to partner with Combain to bring our innovative IoT and tracking solutions to the global market. This collaboration enables us to deliver comprehensive indoor geolocation solutions for LoRaWAN devices, addressing the growing demand for precise and reliable indoor positioning, in addition to our GPS-based outdoor positioning service,” says Johan Frilund, CEO of Sensative. “We already have customers running successful pilot projects on this groundbreaking solution, and we are in the process of scaling them to large-scale deployments,” continues Johan. 

“The collaboration between Sensative and Combain represents a significant milestone in indoor location services, promising to unlock new possibilities for businesses seeking to improve customer experiences, optimize operations, and gain valuable insights from their indoor spaces, “says Björn Lindquist, CEO of Combain. “Sensative’s customer projects show that our joint solution brings huge value to the tracking and asset management markets,” ends Björn.

About Combain

Combain is a world-leading provider of geolocation services for connected IoT devices. Combain has created one of the world’s largest positioning databases used for precise indoor and outdoor positioning. Combain also has developed new innovative positioning technologies, such as a new indoor positioning system that uses deep learning and an easy to deploy IoT asset tracking platform, Traxmate.

Combain’s customers are leading mobile network operators, national security agencies, tracking devices, and IoT device manufacturers. Positioning is provided as a cloud-based and OnPrem API, Combain Location API, as an indoor positioning solution, Combain AI Indoor, as a network positioning solution, Combain LMF, and as a cloud-based IoT tracking platform, Traxmate. Combain is located in Lund, Sweden and in Palo Alto, USA and serves customers worldwide. For more information, visit us at or stay up to date by following us on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.



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