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IoT starter-kits

Pre-packaged and preconfigured IoT from Sensative

The quick and easy way to get started with IoT

Many people talk about smart & data-driven cities and buildings, but few do it for real. 

Some have started planning for IoT-based smart services, but it is often a matter of high thresholds to get started, both in competence, finances, and organization.

Sensative has developed tailored IoT starter-kits that makes it easy to go from decision to installation. Pick one of our pre-packed and preconfigured solutions targeting a specific IoT use case. Learn on the job, train your organization in the possibilities of IoT, and gain insights. 

Focus on the value of digitalization and don’t be slowed down by technology complexities.


Preconfigured IoT 

with everything you need

starterkit box.water leak.200803

Water leak risk management

  1. Identify “hotspots” for water-leaks in the building
  2. Monitor the building remotely
  3. Get early alert in case of a water leak

Potential cost-saving:
€8,000 – €13,500

(100 apartments)

starterkit box.temperature.200803

Reduce energy costs

  1. Know the temperature everywhere in the building
  2. Analyze and optimize the temperature in all spaces
  3. Iterate and compare

Potential cost-saving: €20 000

(5 years, 100 apartments)

starterkit optimization.200803

Optimizing office space ROI

  1. Measure occupancy of desks and meeting rooms
  2. Visualize availability to increase usage
  3. Control and manage the office remotely

Increased value: €20,000 per year

starterkit box.cities.200803

Explore IoT - starter kit for cities

Three simple steps to get started

  1. Connect the starter kit
  2. Hands on learning – tech and data
  3. Explore new use cases

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