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Explore IoT – starter-kit for cities

Getting started with IoT the easy way

IoT is not only about technology itself. It’s about putting new technology and data to work.

To do this, you need to train people and organizations to use these new tools, and you need to experiment to find out the best way to implement and operate it to reap the benefits of digitalization.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Get started with IoT in three simple steps

  1. Connect the starter kit
  2. Hands on learning – tech and data
  3. Explore new use cases
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Think big, but start small

IoT is not the goal, but it’s a valuable tool for reaching goals. Start with what you want to achieve going from “a city” to a “smart city”; What’s the vision? What is the digitalization strategy?

Think of your project as not just implementing IoT solutions, but as a change process that will likely transform the operations. IoT is not an isolated project; it will have an impact on every employee. The best way forward is to start small and learn, and from there, go step-by-step towards the vision. Start by selecting this starter kit.

It is all about collaboration

Being open, sharing the experience, and involving other departments to participate in the starter-kit project, will create a higher acceptance and increase the likelihood of a successful IoT journey. With the starter-kit, you can try out IoT within your department but also connect with other departments or cities to share the experience, and knowledge.

At Sensative, we believe in openness and collaboration as the only way forward. We will support you to get started, but also invite you to collaborate with us and our partners and customers to share experiences and knowledge.

One kit - thousands of possible solutions

Sensative provides an IoT integration solution, Yggio, built for full-scale smart society scenarios. Yggio is a core component in the digital landscape to make it cost-efficient, scalable, and powerful to work with IoT. However, with Sensative solution, you can always start small and scale fast, so you don’t have to make a massive investment from the start. You add use cases and pay as you grow.

The technology

We build the IoT connectivity network using LoRaWAN, already supported by thousands of companies that open up for a variety of digital sensor services connected to the city. A cloud-based service gathers the sensors’ data, providing an overview as well as detailed information of temp and humidity in the town hall, water temp in your selected sea, and current CO2 and particles in the city air.

How to get started in 30 days

Week 0: Order

Order online or contact us.

Fill in documentation regarding the use case and current performance

Week 1: Planning

Plan the installation and mounting of sensors.

Week 2: Delivery

Within ten days from the order, we will ship a pre-configured starter-kit, with detailed instructions on how to get started with the IoT platform Yggio and how to mount the gateway and devices.

We will also schedule a 1-hour training session to go through Yggio to make sure you get a smooth start.

Week 3: Installation

We expect it to take 2-4 hours to set everything up.


One month after the setup, we will schedule a follow-up session to make sure everything works smoothly and prepare for the next step on your digitalization journey.

IncludedEvaluation kitIndoor kitIn & Outdoor kit
Pre-configurated LoRaWAN gateway1 Indoor1 Indoor1 Indoor + 1 Outdoor
Article numberPAC 11 012PAC 11 013PAC 11 014
Pre-configurated devices1 Strips MS +Guard for LoRaWAN

Strips MS +Drip for LoRaWAN

Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN
Strips MS +Guard for LoRaWAN

Strips MS +Drip for LoRaWAN

Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN

2 Strips Presence for LoRaWAN
Strips MS +Guard for LoRaWAN

Strips MS +Drip for LoRaWAN

Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN

Strips Presence for LoRaWAN

1 Weather station

1 Geo-Location Tag
Type of datatemperature
air humidity
activity (open/close)
water-leak (capacitance)
air humidity
activity (open/close)
water-leak (capacitance)

temperature air humidity
activity (open/close)
water-leak (capacitance)


air humidity
wind direction
atmospheric pressure
Automationcreate actions based on real-time data (e.g. email alert and notification)
Online Education1 hour1 hour2 hours
IoT ConsultationNo2 hours5 hours
Installation manual (PDF)YesYesYes
Educational material (tutorials)YesYesYes
Yggio Cloud License¹6 months test license12 months12 months
SLA-Standard (8-17)Standard (8-17)

¹including the same number of connected devices as in the starter-kit.

For extended volumes please contact us for a quotation.



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