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Technology made simple
Install & forget (10 years battery life)
Ultra thin design
Indoor or outdoor use


Technology made simple
Install & forget (10 years battery life)
Ultra thin design
Indoor or outdoor use

z wave

Strips Family of Z-Wave sensors

Sensative leads in innovative and elegant design in the smart devices market with a product line that exudes sophistication. 

Paired with unique features such as a 10 year battery life, weatherproof, water and dust resistance, and completely sealed units with operating temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F), Sensative Strips are ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. 

Unlike others on the market these discrete sensors blend seamlessly into the architecture of any room and offer a variety of useful applications. 

A proven sensor family where the Guard has been shipping since 2015.

Strip med hand.800x800

Z-Wave 800

Z-Wave 800 brings sub microAmp sleep power, low power communication, and automatic power management, ensuring long battery life.

Best-In-Class Security

Z-Wave’s Security 2 (S2) framework provides end-to-end encryption and the most advanced security for smart home devices and controllers. Homes with S2 Z-Wave devices are virtually unhackable.

SmartStart Easy Installation

SmartStart radically simplifies the installation of smart devices by using QR code scans for uniform, trouble-free setup. Devices and systems can be pre-configured dramatically easing deployments.

strips drip under washing machine
sensative strips guard mounted in window frame

Strips Guard

The Guard sensor is a contact sensor primarily used in door/window applications but with the slim design (3mm or 0.12” thick) can be placed inside drawers, in medicine cabinets or even behind paintings to detect movement and report activity.

Strips Drip

Install the Drip water and temperature sensors under sink cabinets, below bathroom and kitchen fixtures and in the most leak prone part of your basement. 

Strips Drip sensors not only communicate leaks but also how much wetness is present. 

Use by pipes to monitor the ambient temperature throughout wintertime to detect potential freezing of pipes and send alerts if harmful conditions are present.

sensative strips drip water leak sensor
sensative strips comfort light and temperature sensor

Strips Comfort

Use Comfort to trigger automations based on accurate temperature and light readings. 

Adjust temperature and lighting conditions based on preset parameters to ensure the ultimate comfort for residents. 

Pair with lighting, shades, and even ceiling fans to create the perfect atmosphere, automatically.

Z-Wave Plus

All Sensative Strips come with Z-Wave Plus for longer range and stronger connectivity with “auto-include” functionality for ease of installation in any application. 

Strips have been designed to work with any Z-Wave gateway and are already officially certified with a number of top rated hubs such as SmartThings, Vera, Wink and Zipabox. For a complete list of certified gateways check here.

z wave

Strips Z-Wave works with*

Telldus Live Smarter LogoWEB
google assistant asterisk
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Vera Logo H 1

*Google  Assistant and Google Home doesn’t support Z-wave sensors like Strips directly, only through a Smart Home system that integrates with Google Home on one end, and Z-Wave on the other. However, Strips are tested and verified with Google Assistant voice commands trough such a system. Contact us for more information on compatible Smart Home systems.


Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Elongated wireless sensor assembly

Sweden: SE 537 509Europe: 3053152
EP 3 670 811 B1

USA: 9,953,496USA: 10,720,033USA; 11,170,617



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