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The Sensative Story

Taking what we did with Bluetooth and smartphones and bringing it to IoT

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Mats Pettersson, co-founder and CEO

Our co-founder Mats Pettersson started his career in the team that created the first mobile phones for Ericsson. A product line that literally changed the world. Ericsson and the Finnish colleague Nokia built a whole new communication industry. 

ERA Core Team

We are seeing those early days repeating themselves today in the IoT industry. The suppliers try to package the whole product, supplying all the functionality and the applications.

One of the most important lessons we learned, was that being a closed supplier was a dead end. The iPhone and Androids came out and revolutionized the whole industry. The old giants weathered and died.  

The open Operating Systems, like Android, provides an economy of scale, flexibility and a level of innovation that the old models couldn’t bring. A standard interface to the hardware meant that users could use the same apps disregarding what brand of phone they used. An explosion of new services and products changed the way we use the internet and computers.

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Fast forwarding to the world of digitalization, the Smart Cities, buildings, homes, and so on. The buzz is all about creating a digital twin where you have all historical data combined with a live view of the states and events of the real world. Upon this, you want to be able to react, add analytics to optimize, to simulate changes, and so on. 

The smart city or building is, in fact, like an enormous computer, connecting to the physical world and providing new abilities and services. And, as we’ve learned the hard way, a computer is never better than it’s operating system. Who buys a non-standard PC today? Something that is not easily connectable to the internet? That cannot run your standard applications? Where you can not connect peripherals, printers, etc, from 3rd party suppliers?

With this realization, Sensative has created Yggio, the operating system for digital twins. Where you can connect any IoT standard from any supplier, and anyone can provide new services that can be installed on any server that runs Yggio. It’s all about integrating historical and live data, events, actions, and reactions, removing the technology and supplier barriers.

We’ve also addressed the problem of digitization the state of things and events of the physical world. In homes, the sensors must be non-intrusive and invisible. In an operational environment, they must be easy to install and have a very low maintenance cost. Our Strips Family of sensors are so thin that they can be installed invisibly, and with a 10 year battery time, you have very long maintenance intervals. In fact, when it’s time to change the battery the technology will have evolved so you might be considering changing to a new version or technology that provide you with completely new abilities, everything depending on the needs of your own business development.


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