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8 Guiding Principles for IoT/IT Architects

Make your life easier as an architect
Sensative has provided IoT sensors and the Yggio platform to many projects and we have over time gathered some insights. We believe that a successful IoT project is guided by these principles.
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Information and Data is a strategic asset

Make sure that you own your data that forms your operational processes

Interaction with other organizations is necessary

Partners, customers, suppliers all need access to data and functionality

Change is constant and fast

Make sure you have the flexibility to adopt to new tech, new regulations, new demands

Standards and interoperability is key

Avoid vendor lock-in, avoid proprietary solutions, avoid home-cooked quick-n-dirty hacks

Information wants to be free

Enable and manage the sharing and re-use of data, since data is expensive, not cost free

Functions and features must be replaceable

Adopt a modular approach, avoid overlap in functionality, avoid non-API solutions

Security by default

Combine overall security architecture and use-case based assessments. 
Use ZeroTrust, on-premises, end-to-end encryption where appropriate

It's OK to make aware decisions for a specific need

Sometimes the real world require vertical siloed solutions – know when to go against these principles

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