Yggio technology overview

The open IoT interoperability platform

The horizontal IoT integration platform for connecting smart cities, buildings and end-user services to IoT networks through ONE open API.

  • multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity with device and service interoperability
  • integration of live data from multiple network technologies and standards
  • standard APIs that allows service providers to focus on application development
  • security and personal data privacy (GDPR)
  • IoT network control panel for full control of the IoT network and the devices
Yggio stack.190607

FIWARE API and data model

Yggio implements the FIWARE API and other standards and open source libraries (gray boxes) that minimizes lock-in effects.

secure connection


The security layer handles identity and access management that protects the core services as well as the devices.


Yggio consists of a set of micro services that all communicate over an AMQP standard bus.


Protocol connectors

Yggio has a number of protocols implemented today, and new protocols are added continuously.


  • API (FIWARE NGSIv2 and security)
  • Login (OpenID)
  • Authentication (Oauth2)
  • Protocol Security (TLS 1.3)
  • Account Management
  • Access Rights Management (ARMS)
  • FIWARE Data models
  • Rule engine (Scenarios)


MQTT, AMQP, BACnet, Websocket, RestAPI, TCP, UDP, and more


LoRaWAN, OpenWRT, CTS z-wave gateway, BoTech multi protocol translator, Elvaco, Assa ARX, PLC system, and more


Z-Wave, LoRa, BacNet, Bluetooth, LTE NB-IoT, and more.


FIWARE implementation

FIWARE is a curated framework of open source platform components to accelerate the development of smart solutions. Yggio implements some core components of FIWARE, for instance:

FIWARE NGSIv2 API which is a simple yet powerful Restful API enabling to perform updates, queries or subscribe to changes on context information. (link)

Ratatosk – The Sensative FIWARE Context Broker implementation in node.js, that manage context information in a highly decentralized and large-scale manner. (link)


Yggio Security Manager brings open source based, state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management.

Among the many features it include Single Sign-on, Social login, 2-factor authentication, LDAP integration, and more.

To this Yggio Access Rights Management System (ARMS) securely handle which users and services have access to different IoT devices and their data.

dia protocols


The Yggio network integration service. It manages all protocol translations, utilizing the message broker for all communication.

Message Broker

Yggio uses an open source MQTT/AMQP message broker both for internal communication between microservices, as well as communication with sensors, etc.,  over different network protocols.

Rules & Scenarios​

A versatile and powerful mechanism for implementing event handling in the network. A basic use case is a power switch turned on that triggers a rule turning on all the lamps in the house. The rule engine has general support for event handling making it possible to set up arbitrarily complex rules.

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