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Reducing energy costs

Streamline operations with IoT starter-kit from Sensative

IoT is not only about technology itself. It’s about putting new technology and data to work.

To do this can mean a steep learning curve, large initial investments, and extended projects. But it doesn’t have to be. With a pre-packaged and preconfigured IoT starter-kit, you can focus on digitalization and streamlining operations with full ROI control, quickly reaping digitalization benefits.

Three simple steps to streamline operations

  1.  Know the temperature everywhere in the building
  2. Analyze and optimize the temperature in all spaces
  3. Iterate and compare 

Potential cost-saving: €20 000
(5 years, 100 apartments) 

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It is all about knowing

Temperature and humidity level profoundly impact the comfort for tenants and building, and everyone has their personal preferences. Simultaneously, you can make considerable cost savings and reduce the environmental impact by optimizing the temperature.

But how do you optimize the temperature if you do not know how warm it is right now? In the apartments or common spaces? How much do you need to heat or cool the building?

One kit - thousands of possible solutions

Sensative provides IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that will make it easy to collect the temperature data and manage your buildings, all in one place.

Discreet Sensative sensors, easily mounted by the facility manager, measures temperature and humidity and provides the data, making it possible to adjust and decrease the average temperature while making sure tenants are getting the service they expect.

It does not stop there. By using Sensative solutions, it is easy to scale and build your data-driven business. Based on the starter-kits, it is easy and affordable to add more buildings and use cases with strong ROI.

The technology

We install the IoT connectivity net with standard protocols such as LoRaWAN, already today supported by thousands of companies and opens up for a variety of digital sensor services connected to the building. 

A cloud-based service gathers the sensors’ data, providing an overview as well as detailed information of humidity levels and temperatures in the building.

Return on Investment

With modern IoT, you can streamline the building to reduce energy consumptions and costs. When you reduce the average temperature with 1˚C, it is often possible to reduce the energy bill with 4%. The same should apply to cooling houses in a warmer climate.

Continually being able to monitor the temperature online, also means no more travels back and forth to the building to make manual measurements. 

In a building with 100 apartments, this would result in a potential cost-saving of €20 000 over five years.

How to get started in 30 days

Week 0: Order

Order online or contact us.

Fill in documentation regarding the use-case and current performance.

Week 1: Planning
Plan the installation. 

If you need access to apartments, then make sure to start booking time & date in advance. 

Week 2: Delivery 

Within ten days from the order, we will ship a preconfigured starter-kit, with detailed instructions on how to get started with the IoT platform Yggio and how to mount the gateway and devices.

We will also schedule a 1-hour training session to go through Yggio to make sure you get a smooth start. 

Week 3: Installation 

For a facility manager, we expect it to take 1-2 hours to set everything up. 


Two months after the order, we will schedule a follow-up session to make sure everything works smoothly and prepare for the next step on your digitalization journey.

IncludedEvaluation kitSmall kitLarge kit
Article numberPAC 11 006PAC 11 007PAC 11 008
Pre-configurated LoRaWAN gateway1 Indoor

(Ethernet, 4G optional)
1 Indoor

(Ethernet, 4G optional)
1 Indoor

(Ethernet, 4G optional)
Pre-configurated devices3 Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN15 Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN45 Strips MS +Comfort for LoRaWAN
Type of datatemperature
air humidity

optionable (SW config)
activity (open/close)
air humidity

optionable (SW config)
activity (open/close)
air humidity

optionable (SW config)
activity (open/close)
VisualizationYggio Location Manager with simple to use tools, can export data in .csv format
APIaccess to all functionality and data through the API, supports fastAPI (Sweden)
Automationcreate actions based on real-time data (e.g. email alert and notification)
Online Education1 hour1 hour2 hours
IoT ConsultationNo2 hours5 hours
Installation manual (PDF)YesYesYes
Yggio Cloud License¹6 months test license12 months12 months
Nr of users555
Nr of connected devices41646
SLA-Standard (8-17)Standard (8-17)

¹including the same number of connected devices as in the starter-kit.

For extended volumes please contact us for a quotation.


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