Reliable data from anything with simple and stable integration


Data infrastructure Management System

The missing link

The lack of standardization in IoT is a problem plaguing several industries. With an enormous number of connected devices implemented everywhere, the need for data quality control and seamless collaboration between those devices has never been greater.

In addition, initiatives pushing for smart cities and buildings, connected grids, efficient water & waste distribution, environmentally friendly agriculture, and the growing integration of massive IoT are slowed down and prevented from reaching their full potential without data quality assurance and interoperability-enabling middleware. Meet the solution, meet Yggio DiMS®.


SCALABLE massive IoT

Yggio the missing heading

Data ownership is critical

“Returning data ownership to the customer is a critical differentiator… Frost & Sullivan finds Sensative offers a robust value proposition that opens up opportunities for various industries and applications.”

Samantha Fisher, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan


The IT Architect's choice

Today, most IoT systems are complete end-to-end solutions, providing everything from devices to the cloud and the application that creates a strong vendor and data lock-in effect. This contrasts with the digitalization vision, where access to actionable real-time data from operations is critical. The IT architect needs IoT capability to fit existing and future IT architecture and manage any protocol or technology.

Sensative’s game-changing Data infrastructure Management System, Yggio, acts as an open horizontal IoT platform for any Smart domain, like Smart Cities and Buildings. It provides integration of any sensor, IoT, or IT technology or supplier, contextualized and normalized data, brokering, unified IoT device and infrastructure management, scalability for massive IoT, and a standardized API for service developers, making IoT services vendor and technology-neutral. In addition, Yggio tears down walls and silos, giving the organization the control and ownership of the data they need for their digitalization journey.

YGGIO IoT Starter-Kits

Sensative offers tailored IoT starter-kits that make it easy to go from decision to installation. Choose one of our pre-packed and preconfigured solutions targeting a specific IoT use case. Learn on the job, train your organization in the possibilities of IoT, and gain insights. Then, build upon the new insights and add functionality as you go.

Start with one application, and scale to thousands.

Data-driven Business

It is all about reliable access to actionable, quality-assured data. Open up and re-use existing technologies, add IoT and sensors, and take control and ownership over all your data. Share resources, investments, and data between organizations under complete control.

AI in IoT.teal .whiteback

If data is “the new oil” then Sensative is your drilling rig, distribution, and refinery for your operations

Unified data
  • data ownership
  • normalization
  • contextualization
  • standards
  • real-time context broker
  • time-series database
  • any protocol
  • any data model
Unified management
  • any IoT technology
  • any OT technology
  • any IT technology
  • any device
  • any service
  • any partner
  • scalable 1 ⇒ ∞
  • massive IoT
  • ZeroTrust security
  • one API
Unified logic
  • rules & scenarios
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • business rules & processes
  • cross-functional
  • cross-technology
Unified operations
  • cross applications
  • cross organizations
  • cross suppliers
  • shared resources
  • shared data
  • in-the-field tools

Creating Order
Out of Chaos

turning IoT confusion into clarity

service layer

sensative provide your data to your application.lightteal

Your case. Your needs.

  • Any application
  • Any 3rd party service
  • Any dashboard
  • Any cloud
  • Any enterprise system

We provide unified data & control for massive IoT

data access layer

Your data. You are in control.

sensative provide your data.lightteal

processing layer

sensative manage your data.lightteal

We enrich your data

communication layer

We give you infrastructure superpowers

  • Connect anything
  • Reuse everything
  • Legacy tech and new IoT
  • Massive IoT, scalable from 0
  • Horizontal architecture
  • IoT translators
  • IoT device management
  • IoT connectivity management
  • IoT in-the-field installer tools
sensative manage your infrastructure.lightteal

IoT device layer

sensative captures data.lightteal

Digitizing your world

  • Any device
  • Any sensor
  • Any actuator
  • Any manufacturer

Quick intro

For more demonstration videos, please visit the Yggio Resource Center.



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