Square Tracker Xtreme in asset management application for airport

Square Tracker Xtreme for LoRaWAN

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This compact sensor for LoRaWAN provides indoor and outdoor locations, using GPS/Beidou and WiFi. Like all Sensative products, it is designed with precision and longevity in mind. For instance, positioning can be motion-triggered, and the position calculation is performed in an external cloud service (rather than on-device) to save significant amounts of power.

The custom battery provides many years of problem-free operations. In contrast, most battery-powered asset-tracking devices last around a year before they need to be recharged or changed. Replacing batteries in hundreds or thousands of devices can be expensive, work-intensive, and lead to downtime, increasing overall operation and device ownership costs.

The Square Tracker comes in three different versions. The ultra-compact slim version is merely 7 mm thick but yet provides up to ten years of battery life depending on application and transmission intervals. The medium and large versions are 15 mm thick and carry even larger batteries.

Our tracking sensors are designed to be user-friendly, easy to include in most LoRaWAN platforms, and configurable over the air or NFC. They also provide extra value by monitoring the temperature of the asset and its surroundings, highly interesting data in many applications. 

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