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Sensative turns Open Source standards into a full IoT interoperability platform

The FIWARE Foundation is a non-profit association with the mission: “to build an open, sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that eases the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors.”  (more)

The FIWARE open source components and open data models are building blocks to build Smart Solutions from, but it’s not an IoT platform in itself. If a platform, like Sensative’s Yggio, is based upon FIWARE, it has a high level of interchangeability, minimizing vendor lock-in. It makes FIWARE based solutions a strong contender to the large technology vendors’ IoT solutions. 

For a recent and vendor-independent competitive analysis, see this report.

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TASC Comparative Market Scan on IoT Platforms for Cities

Multiple IoT platforms for cities exist on the market today. How do they compare? What arguments exist on the open source vs proprietary solutions divide? How do these platforms compare in costs, functionality, security and ecosystem? 

The TASC study represents a comparative market scan that aims to provide city leaders obtain insights that will help them make informed decisions in this space.

FIWARE strengths

One of the essential differences between FIWARE and IoT platforms developed by technology vendors is the degree of openness and interoperability. The philosophy behind FIWARE is that technology should be accessible for everyone, with a focus on interoperability, modularity, and customizability.

IoT is not a stand-alone technology. Data should seamlessly merge with data from other relevant sources. FIWARE provides standardized data formats and API to simplify this integration.

Open Source, minimizing vendor lock-in
FIWARE building blocks are 100% open source and can be easily embedded by ecosystem partners in the design of their solutions and reduce vendor lock-in risks. The standardized API means that services can operate on different vendor platforms.

Scalable at low cost
The FIWARE platform components are royalty-free in themselves, meaning that the only thing driving costs is the usage and load on the hosting environment and the costs for commercial extensions.

FIWARE criticism

Low platform security
Security experts often criticize the FIWARE architecture for “not being secured by design.”

Low on functionality
FIWARE lacks visualization, geospatial analysis, and usability. It is apparent that FIWARE focuses on the core IoT platform capabilities and not so much on the tools and capabilities around the data.

Lack of vendor support
Open Source makes the code easily accessible at no cost, but it does not guarantee the operational side, with, for instance, competence transfer, implementation support, or system management.

Yggio FIWARE extensions

Building upon the strengths of FIWARE and at the same time effectively remove the criticized points, we have built Yggio and an extensive ecosystem of solution and services providers.

Yggio is a FIWARE-powered solution using Context Broker as a core component, where other FIWARE-compatible platforms might only support the NGSI RESTful API.


We have added multi-layered security capabilities into the architecture, which enables easy identification of issues and safeguard data, devices, and IT-systems.

Authentication and Authorization

Any access to data, sensors, and actuators are authenticated and authorized, with policy management and integration to, e.g., LDAP and Active Directory.

Identity brokering and social login

Yggio can authenticate users with existing OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 Identity Providers. 

User Federation

Yggio has built-in support to connect to existing LDAP or Active Directory servers. We can also implement your own provider if you have users in other stores, such as a relational database.

dia protocols
Yggio security

Secure communication

TLS protects all communication on IP networks. Similar tunnels, DTLS, can protect some non-IP communication in more constrained environments.

All IoT standards differ when it comes to security protocols and principles, if they have any at all. The Yggio integration layer, LENS, manages all these differences, as well as making it possible to add security to weaker protocols.

Yggio also supports the new OSCORE end-to-end encryption protocol for constrained IoT standards lacking security. This technology enables trust in IoT sensors or networks in otherwise untrusted environments. By using OSCORE, we can encrypt and protect data in an unbroken chain from an endpoint in the network through, for instance, gateways, public networks, and IoT platform, to a service and a user. This also prevents Yggio from accessing the information, meaning that some functionality will be limited, e.g. analytics and automation.

Integration of multiple IoT technologies and standards

Through the Yggio technology abstraction layer, LENS, we can integrate any IoT technology. See a list of currently supported standards here. This list grows with customer requirements.

LENS normalizes any IoT data or event into FIWARE standard data models, for further brokering and processing.

Because of our many implementations, we often manage data outside of the FIWARE scope. However, such extensions are following the principles of FIWARE, and we thereby actively contribute to the growing portfolio of FIWARE standards.

IoT integration


yggio rule engine

The rule engine implemented in Yggio is a versatile and powerful mechanism for implementing scenarios and event handling in your network. It is an IF/THEN workflow builder specifically designed for IoT events and data. An event can trigger actuators or other rules, and it is available through the Yggio API. This means that several services can share the same rules.

A basic use case is that a power switch is turned on that triggers a rule turning on all the lamps in the house. But, the same switch can also, at the same time, trigger other services, like turning up the water heater and ventilation systems.

Since rules can trigger other rules the scenarios can be much more complex than these simple examples.

Partner extensions

Since Yggio focuses on IoT interoperability we have decided to provide integrations to leading tools and partners, rather than developing our own modules. 

Some examples:

Yggio integrated data analysis

Data management

city innovation platform 0

Yggio has strong integration with the data management platform City Innovation Platform by our partner Civity, experts in the field of city data. The platform provides:

The Data Management Framework is the core of the City Innovation Platform for collecting, processing, and storing data from IoT as well as many other data sources, with a focus on data quality, security, privacy, common data models, and tools for storing open, linked, and big data.

The Data Market is where all types of data are made available, following license, price models, and access rights that the provider of the data determines. In the Data Market catalog, requesters can access data via standardized APIs (with associated tools).


powerBI with realtime IoT data from Yggio

PowerBI by Microsoft is a popular business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions.

  • Transform data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues on any device.
  • Visually explore and analyze data—on-premises and in the cloud—all in one view.
  • Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports.
  • Scale across your organization with built-in governance and security.

Mapping & GIS

T-kartor is a leading provider of geospatial products and services for municipalities and defense customers all over the world.

T-Kartor creates and maintains geographical information, maps, and charts. They develop solutions to deliver data, information, and products in innovative ways, including live IoT data provided through the Yggio API.

T kartor with live data from Sensative Strips sensors provided by Yggio

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