A mounting accessory for Strips

The +Clip is a mounting accessory product for different use cases

+Clip was initially developed for attaching Strips Drip or a Strips for LoRaWAN closely to the surface to measure and detect changes for relative moisture in material over time.

But, this simple accessory has many more uses: 

  • The +CLIP is ideal for use on rough surfaces such as concrete, brick, or untreated wood, where the adhesive backing wouldn’t stick.
  • The adhesive back of the Strips is for permanent mounting. But, sometimes, you need to move it around. And then the +Clip comes in handing for easy mounting and removal. 
clip on drip


Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Sweden: SE 537 509
USA: 9,953,496
Europe Patent Pending

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