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OiL – Open IoT Lab co-working space

Co-working space for IoT startups (and others)
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Co-working: for IoT development

Our offices have a capacity of up to 150 people, including a spacious HW lab facility. For more info about our co-working space, click the button to download the full PDF leaflet. 

Sensative's IoT development lab

Co-location: for better results 

Co-locate your IoT development team members for better results. By bringing different participants all in one place, you achieve a more focused and efficient workflow. Your team members will have the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and be inspired by the other like-minded professionals. 

Co-sharing: for a better working environment

Co-sharing is a thing of the globalisation age. By doing this we can look bigger and be more effective in a shorter amount time. No matter if you are just starting out or are already an established company, OiL has something for everyone in which all members will walk away feeling energised and inspired to create better solutions for customers. 

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