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At Sensative, we have many years of experience from the Telecom and IT industries. A relatively young company with the startup drive in our bones, but a team of people with solid experience in developing new technology and markets.

A strong and exciting vision of where the world is going drives us, but, at the same time, with a underlying feeling of déjà vu. 

Read more about this in Our Story.

Management team

Mats Pettersson CEO Sensative
Mats Pettersson


20+ years of experience from the mobile phone industry in senior roles as head of product development. Have several patents related to Bluetooth.

Fredrik Westman.sq
Fredrik Westman

Business Development

During the bachelor program of economics and nursing at Lunds University, Fredrik co-founded Sensative. Responsible for Finance, Investor Relations and part of the Sales and Marketing team

Asa Axenryd.sq
Åsa Axenryd

Head of Finance

20+ years of experience from strategic and practical work in Business Control and Finance.

Jeff Robertson.sq
Jeff Robertson

Head of Operation

20+ years of experience in senior sourcing and supply chain roles in the Telecoms industry.

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