Horizontal IoT model

From vertical lock-in silos to an open layered model

Most IoT solutions are vertical “all-in-one” solutions that include: IoT devices, gateways, cloud services and the apps themselves. This has served the market well for the last 20 years during the early IoT (previously named M2M) phase.

Most market analysts believe that IoT is about to boom and that every individual will use many IoT services not only at home but also in the city, at work and in the car.

Yggio is the horizontal middleware platform that can handle the explosion of IoT devices and provide access to the expected sharp increase of IoT services and apps supporting the needs for all users. Much like Android and IOS enabled the growth of smart phones apps; Yggio will enable the growth of smart building and city services.

Architecture for digital twins

Three different approaches


One provider per service

vertical IoT model with silos and locked in data and sensors

+ Existing base of providers


– Supplier lock-in

– Limited access to data

– Poor digitalization effectiveness


Single supplier strategy

all-in-one IoT model with supplier lock-in

+ Effective digitalization


– Complete lock-in

– Data ownership

Open horizontal

integrated infrastructure – competitive service market
open horizontal IoT model for the future - the Yggio model

+ Effective digitalization

+ Drives standardization

+ Minimized lock-in

+ Future proof

+ Data ownership

+ Competitive market of service providers


– New business models

– New security risks

The lasagne model

how to manage technology fragmentation, supplier lock-in and service innovation

Digital operation and management of cities, utilities, buildings, homes, and all their assets has traditionally been separated in different silos and domains where a sole supplier controls all levels of their service. This is rapidly changing to a situation where many different technologies and actors interact, operate, and compete at the same level.

The new structure can be likened to a lasagne which is built in different layers but which becomes an entire taste experience when eaten. In this infographic we show different layers and actors:

from silo to lasagne - the Iot model that revolutionizes smart city and smart buildings

The lasagne model has many strengths:

  •  Customer empowerment
    In a silo model, the customer is very much in the hands of the supplier. The supplier has full control through all layers of the infrastructure because they themselves manage and often own infrastructure and processes from A to Z. By putting the focus on the availability and ownership of the data, integrated systems and control panels can be built that are cost-effective while at the same time the desired functionality can be met. 
  • Innovation and business development
    Through the involvement of a variety of players, new services can be developed. The full creative power and competitiveness of the players at different levels can be channeled into new or more efficient services that can be packaged to create interesting customer offers.
  • Flexibility through standardization and interchangeability
    By working with common standards, interchangeability is guaranteed in the system. This benefits both customers and suppliers:
    • Customers can switch to a new infrastructure or service provider without having to re-install sensors and networks, change management systems or buy new equipment. 
    • Completely new services can be developed through the free flow of data that used to be locked into silos and incompatible technologies.
    • Subcontractors, like sensor manufacturers,  can more easily establish themselves in the market and compete with others. 
    • It will also be possible for a 3rd party service provider to develop services that are technology independent and broaden their market to many customers. 

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