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Sensative partners

Partners that make IoT happen

The Sensative partner ecosystem is a trusted network accelerating time to value from your IoT plans. As a customer, leverage the partner ecosystem for expanded reach, innovative services, and integrations. As a partner, leverage the Sensative advantage to help your customers unleash the disruptive power of data.

Sensative Representatives

Sensitive Representatives are regional organizations that provide a complete range of Sensative products and services.

Genius Living LOGO 02
Genius Living is Sensative's representative in Greece.

Genius Living & Sensative

Genius Living is Sensative's representative in Greece.
SCB smart city building
Smart City Building (SCB) is your North American partner for complete end-to-end Sensative solutions.

SCB & Sensative

Smart City Building (SCB) is your North American partner for complete end-to-end Sensative solutions.

Integrator partners

System integration partners offer consulting and implementation services, vertical and horizontal business solutions, and in–depth expertise to get the most value from Sensative’s IoT integration platform Yggio.

Formerly ÅF / Pöyry, with 17,000 engineers, designers and consultants who create sustainable solutions in infrastructure, energy and industry.

AFRY & Sensative

Sensative is a partner to AFRY providing Yggio IoT platform for automation, monitoring and digitization projects that AFRY carries out for customers in areas such as the city, industry, energy, real estate, transport and the environment.
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atea grey no bkg rgb
Atea specializes in IT infrastructure and delivers products and services that simplify the handling, operation and development of our customers’ IT environments.

Atea & Sensative

Atea offers its customers to use Sensative's products and services based on IoT integration and Yggio. Examples of existing customers and collaborations are Malmö City, Mölndal Municipality and Kristianstad.
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atos logo blue.small
A global IT and Digitalization company with over 110,000 employees. In the area of IoT, Atos delivers solutions for all industries with their own solutions in place. Atos is also a platinum sponsor of Fiware.

Atos & Sensative

Sensative is a partner to Atos primarily within the domain Smart Building. Sensative supplements Atos’ offering with Yggio, where Sensative provides the expertise and functionality that Atos can use in its offering to its customers.
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Combitech is a Nordic solution and consulting partner with 1900 employees, helping companies, industries and the public sector to benefit from technology and digitalization for a sustainable and secure society.

Combitech & Sensative

Sensative supplements Combitech's offering with Yggio, where Sensative provides the expertise and functionality that Combitech uses in its offering to its customers.
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Rejlers logo blue
Rejlers is one of the leading engineering consultancy firms in the Nordic region. We have 2200 dedicated experts in technology areas such as energy, industry, infrastructure, real estate, and telecom.

Rejlers & Sensative

Sensative adds capabilities and skills to Rejlers' service offerings, in terms of Sensative's sensors and IoT integration platform, as well as Sensative IoT competence. Rejlers adds a whole range of capabilities that Sensative can leverage in various customer scenarios.
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A Dutch technology integration company with 220 employees. In the field of IoT, Technolution delivers solutions in primarily mobility, energy and industry.

Technolution & Sensative

Sensative supplements Technolution's offering with Yggio, where Sensative provides the expertise and functionality that Technolution can use in its offering to its customers, mainly in Smart Cities.
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Viridian Automation is a building technology integrator serving customers in Ontario, Canada.

Viridian & Sensative

After spending much time researching IoT software and hardware, Viridian saw Sensative’s products as the best choice for their needs.
Visit Viridian

Development partners

Sensative works closely with research institutes and others to develop our leading technology.

Fiware C H RGB
Fiware is driving standardization and tools for smart solutions. Behind Fiware are both large companies, such as Telefonica and Atos, but also a large number of smaller players.

Fiware & Sensative

Sensative is Gold Partner of Fiware Foundation and uses both models and open source from Fiware. The ambition is to further develop source code and use Fiware's models and APIs to make it more cost effective for cities and others to operate IoT-based solutions.
Visit fiware
sensative partner rise
RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner, which offers unique expertise and over 100 testbeds and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products and services.

RISE & Sensative

Sensative and RISE collaborate on many research projects, eg City-as-a-Platform to create a standard for Swedish Smart Cities, and CritiSec to develop new cybersecurity technologies for IoT in critical infrastructures.
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Services and solution partners

Service partners offer vertical specialized solutions, end-user services, applications and extensions that connect to Sensative’s Yggio platform.

specializes in sustainable IoT-solutions and sustainability reporting compliant with all applicable regulations and based on actual measured data for companies and public sector.

Agendex & Sensative

Agendex provides a possibility to collect sustainability data with Sensative Strips sensors and get access to real-time and historical data via Sensative's Yggio platform.
Visit Agendex
axis communications
By combining intelligent technology and human imagination, Axis offers solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimize business performance.

Axis & Sensative

Axis and Sensative collaborates on customer solutions where Axis cameras becomes IoT devices through integration with Sensative's Yggio platform.
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Switzercloud Schwarz
Brunata AG offers IoT consulting and develops innovative and scalable end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies, and energy providers using their smart and technology-independent Switzercloud IoT Platform.

Switzercloud & Sensative

Thanks to our collaboration, Sensative users enjoy access to simple but powerful IoT tools which greatly simplify their end-to-end IoT journey.
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civity logo
Civity, a Dutch company, delivers the City Innovation Platform solution, based on CKAN and FIWARE. The solution is used for information management, open data, shared data and visualization.

Civity & Sensative

We collaborate on different solutions and market our common products to municipalities and cities. Sensative is an expert on IoT - Civity is an expert on Open and Shared data. Sensative delivers CIP to Swedish cities like the Greater Stockholm region and the City of Malmö.
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fantasticmind blue
offers digital solutions and consultancy, based in Mauritius. FM is working in the digital space with customers in various domains, including public organizations, agriculture, hospitality, and others.

Fantastic Minds & Sensative

FM delivers services based on Sensative products.
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Precise YOUNiQ integrates artificial intelligence-based face recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities.

Sensefarm & Precise Biometrics

Integrating Precise YOUNiQ with Sensative’s Yggio platform. Through the integration, the companies will together bring biometrics into many IoT use cases.
Visit Precise Biometrics
sensefarm transp
Sensefarm develops LoRaWAN-products for Smart cities and Agriculture

Sensefarm & Sensative

Sensefarm and Sensative co-operates on R&D, development, and customer cases.
Visit Sensefarm
T Kartor
T-Kartor creates and maintains geographical information, maps and charts. We develop solutions to deliver data, information and products in innovative ways.

T-Kartor & Sensative

T-Kartor offers pre-integrated online maps where real-time data from Sensative's Yggio platform can be displayed
Visit T-Kartor


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