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Pre-packaged and preconfigured IoT from Sensative and partners

The quick and easy way to get the data you need

Your digitalization project will never be better than the data you feed it with. This is a challenge when you have a mix of new and old, of different technologies and suppliers, of OT and IT. 

Sensative has, together with partners, developed tailored proptech solutions that provide the data access, availability, control, and quality you need. In addition, all these solutions will have pre-integrated and pre-tested services targeting specific use cases from your favorite proptech suppliers, like, for instance:

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Beijer Electronics
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The solutions are bundled and optimized for quick and easy deployment. They come in different levels ranging from starter kits to more complex solutions, where the top of the line contains AI and Machine Learning. Everything to achieve high-value solutions to specific use cases that you can grow with.

Focus on the value of digitalization and don’t be slowed down by poor data quality, technology complexities and dealing with multiple suppliers. 


Preconfigured IoT

Everything you need, for now, and to build upon for all your future needs.

Energy optimization

solutions temperature

Comfort control

1. Know the temperature everywhere in the building

2. Analyze and optimize the temperature in all spaces

3. Iterate and compare
solutions energy meter

Connect energy meters

1. Measure electricity usage

2. Measure solar power

3. Local measurements (selected number of power outlets in a building)
solutions hvac automation

HVAC automation

1. Optimize building efficiency & performance

2. Reduce need for man labored and repetitive tasks

3. AI powered HVAC made possible
solutions hvac forecasting

Forecasting & optimized control

1. Combine real-time data from the building with external data sources (weather forecast, electricity pricing)

2. Forecast energy consumption and costs based on actual data

3. Monitor & control building to optimize consumption and costs based on target, with no impact on tenant experience

Water management

solutions water leak detection

Water-leak detection

1. Identify “hotspots” for water-leaks in the building

2. Monitor the building remotely

3. Get early alert in case of a water leak
solutions measure water

Water consumption

1. Measure water consumption

2. Monitor building & apartment consumption

3. Integrate to billing system
solutions water valve

Water-valve shutters

1. Manage and reduce risk for water-leaks

2. Automate water-control

3. Remote control

4. Reduce costs for manual inspections and incidents
solutions preventive care

Preventive care to avoid mold

1. Add mold detection to existing sensor network

2. Get alerts when there is an increased risk for mold

3. Monitor confined spaces

4. Control HVAC to minimize and prevent mold

Office management

solutions desk

Open office

1. Measure occupancy of desks and meeting rooms

2. Visualize availability to increase usage

3. Control and manage the office remotely

solutions people and car counters

People & Car counters

1. People counters in building or sections of the building

2. Car counters on one parking spot or in/out passage

3. Live visualization in-store on the web
solutions door access

Access control

1. Integrate multiple access control systems in one portal

2. Add biometric access control

3. Automate with administrative systems
solutions office optimization

Optimize office usage

1. Analyze office usage

2. Optimize access to office space based on expected usage

3. Reduce operative costs for vacant space

4. Offer new space planning services to tenants

Air Quality

noun humidity 3522470 01676C

AirQ control

1. Know the humidity, temperature and CO 2 levels everywhere in the building

2. Analyze and optimize heating/cooling and ventilation in all spaces

3. Iterate and compare


1. Measure radon levels

2. Track over time to identify health risks

3. Get data to improve ventilation where needed
air flow

Smart Air Quality and HVAC control

1. For any and every building with a HVAC-system

2. Full control over any and all IAQ-parameters, including temperature, CO2, VOC and radon.

3. Direct energy-savings ranging between 40-60 %
noun smell 1512570 01676C

Digital nose

1. Measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs), volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), and other gas types such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen

2. Train AI/ML models to identify specific smells and gases

3. Meet health and environmental impact regulations


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