Turning Strips into a sliding button

+Switch adds a button to Strips sensors for controlling IoT devices and scenarios

The +Switch is the latest Strips accessory that adds a button functionality to Strips. It is compatible with all Strips LoRaWAN sensors and (coming) Strips Comfort 700 Z-Wave. 

By simply switching Switch you can control lights and other IoT devices, but also initiate predefined scenarios in your smart home or buildings and order services on demand.

sensative strips switch usage closeup

Adding a button functionality to Strips sensors

Turn On/Off lights

Initiate a scenario (“Home”, “Away”, ...)

Order an action or service on demand

Simple retrofit to all Strips LoRaWAN sensor

Use Strips as an actuator as part of your smart home or building solution​

presence with switch.standing

Unique add-on turning the sensor into a combined actuator

Covid-19 use case

One use case example is combining Strips Presence for LoRaWAN with +Switch, creating unique use-cases for smart offices. Normal desk occupancy sensors only report occupied or not occupied. Presence +Switch gives it the possibility to have a manual interaction stage with the device, providing information if the desk is “occupied”, “vacant” or “pending”, pending meaning when a person is at a desk, then leaves, the sensor will report the desk is “pending”, not just “empty”. The action that is required for the desk to be available for someone else can, for instance be pending cleaning and disinfection. When the cleaner has disinfected the desk, they can simply slide +Switch on the sensor and the sensor will report that the desk is both available and disinfected.


Sensative Strips are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Sweden: SE 537 509
USA: 9,953,496
Europe Patent Pending

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