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Market Buzz curated by Sensative

Market Buzz curated by Sensative

The impact of Covid-19 on the Internet of Things

How does Covid-19 impact the Internet of Things, its technology, and its applications specifically? We talked to various IoT decision-makers to understand..

Sensative quick summary: even more focus on remote control, automation, digital twins, and smart city & buildings. Less interest in consumer IoT devices and DIY.

IoT Managed Services Mature, Despite Measured Enterprise Adoption

Managed service providers see emerging technology as a significant source of business opportunity over the next couple of years. More than 50% of respondents to a recent CompTIA survey already offer IoT managed services today, according to the survey.

Sensative thoughts: IoT is difficult and requires it’s competent and qualified staff. The obvious alternative is already picking up speed: Managed IoT Services.

At Sensative we already have contracts that are taking things even one step further, a new business that we call Sensing-as-a-Service. The customer just wants to have the data and doesn’t care about the tech at all. We provide everything and charge based on the data we generate and manage for them, not based on the products we install. Maybe, this will be the new normal in a few years?

Cities go digital to survive the new normal

During a recent webinar, leaders highlighted how online municipal services and platforms will be key amid the spread of COVID-19, particularly to eliminate the “barriers of communication” with residents.

Sensative take: A connected city is easier to manage remotely but digitalization should also be driven for everyday services, especially as residents are urged to self-isolate and many government employees working remotely.

Data Governance And Smart Cities Are Helping Improve Quality Of Life In Japan

As more and more municipalities in Japan and overseas turn to smart city solutions to address social issues, the volume of data being generated by cameras and other kinds of sensors is seeing explosive growth.

Sensative take: An interesting Fiware use case, the open-source framework and standard for Smart Cities, that our Yggio is based on. The case shows the versatility of the platform where surveillance cameras are used as a safety tool for the citizens.

Data utvecklar Öresundskraft

För att erbjuda relevanta tjänster hanterar Öresundskraft stora mängder av både strukturerad och ostrukturerad data. Just nu utvecklar energibolaget tillsammans med Microsoft en plattform för all hantering och arbetar utifrån begreppet data som infrastruktur.

Sensatives kommentar: En spännande evolution pågår inom vår kund Öresundskraft. Ett moderniseringsarbete där man blir mer och mer data-drivna. Vår partner Atea och Öresundskraft jobbar tillsammans för att utveckla verksamheten och ta fram en helt ny och framtidssäker IT arkitektur. Till detta levererar Sensative Yggio som IoT-integrationslösning vilket passar väl in i den nya arkitekturen.

Citizens willing to share data for better services, report suggests

84 per cent said they are open to sharing their personally identifiable information and 41 per cent would be comfortable with it being shared between government agencies in exchange for more personalised customer service.

Sensative view:

This is good news for Smart Cities. As long as data is treated in accordance with privacy laws, like GDPR in the EU, the cities and citizens will make Smart Cities happen.