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We currently have no smart cities — by 2025 there’ll be 26

Spending on smart city technology is expected to reach US$327 billion by 2025, up from US$96 billion in 2019, according to a new forecast from Frost & Sullivan.

The analyst company said an uncertain post-pandemic situation will compel cities to focus on developing collaborative, data-driven infrastructure for use in healthcare, public security services and more.

Artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions are expected to be in high demand, with growing opportunities for crowd analytics, open data dashboards and digital city services.

The kind of multi-party multi-network platform that Sensative already supplies to multiple cities, municipalities, and real estate companies in Sweden. Will Sweden again take the lead when it comes to new infrastructure and communication, like when Telia, Ericsson, and Nokia (yes, they are Finns, our closest neighbor) invented mobile phones and cellular GSM networks?

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IoT-verkstad i Studio Stadshuset

Digital Humans – Projektet City as a platform bjöd i oktober på en digital workshop där både kommunanställda och andra lärde sig hur man kopplar in en sensor till Sensatives plattform Yggio. I Lund satt deltagarna i Studio Stadshuset och efter några timmars arbete skickade sensorerna värden för temperatur och eventuella vattenläckage till plattformen och taklampan i lokalen kunde styras via datorerna.

“…Det var fantastiskt att workshopen gick att genomföra digitalt trots att det är svårt att ge stöd på distans, bland annat på grund av att alla sitter på olika nätverk.”

Håkan Lundström och alla på Sensative tackar arrangörerna och deltagarna för en riktigt bra workshop!

Covid 19 LoRaWAN

IoT goes from convenience to need in Covid-19 era, says LoRa Alliance

IoT-based technologies will become increasingly essential for tracking and monitoring location, distance, and presence, according to the LoRa Alliance.

“…companies will seek ways to prove where people have been, ways to prove cleanliness, ways to show activities in real-time to make their buildings safe for people. More and more use cases will be discovered.”

At Sensative we are developing some new interesting solutions for this, to be launched soon. Interested in a preview? Contact us for a presentation.

Wisdom across the board Background copy

Wisdom Across the Board: Arjen Hof – FIWARE

A driving-force here at FIWARE Foundation, our MSCs are made up of entrepreneurs, academics, and technologists, all experts within their respective domains.

“The best way to grow businesses is to work together, be open about sharing best practices and knowledge.”

Meet Sensative friend Arjen Hof, founder and Director of our partner Civity. He is also a member of the FIWARE Foundation Smart Cities Mission Support Committee.

In this interview, he shares many interesting insights from his many years in the Smart City business.

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The Swedish rural network

The Rural Network is a platform to gather and engage rural actors in Sweden. We are a membership based network and the members are representing various organisations and authorities which are important for the development of the activities and companies based in rural and coastal areas.

Sensative participates in two projects:

Anpassad infrastruktur med tjänstepaket för gårdens digitalisering


Automatisk kvalificering av sensordata


Ny testbädd i Lund ska skapa hållbara miljöer och bättre livskvalitet

Lunds kommun har beviljats 5,9 miljoner kronor av Vinnova för projektet ”Open Sensoring City”. Projektet ska skapa en öppen testbädd för ett realtidsstyrt samhälle. Målet: att hitta lösningar på samhällsutmaningar som rör till exempel miljö, personflöden och godstransporter. 

Projektet ska arbeta för lösningar som fokuserar på omedelbara utmaningar i allt ifrån utsläpp och fordonsflöden till säkerhet och resursoptimering. Det kan också handla om lösningar som riktar sig mot mikroflöden (gång, cykel, elsparkscyklar mm) som en del av att skapa en mer hälsosam och meningsfull livsstil i staden.

– Nu har vi möjlighet att använda den testbädd som vi byggt upp i SOM-projektet (SOM står för Smarta Offentliga Miljöer) och ta den vidare så att vi verkligen kan använda staden som en testplats, säger projektledare Anders Trana på Future by Lund. I projektet kommer vi att koppla fysiska platser till digitala – det kan handla om hur bilar, bussar, cyklar och människor rör sig i staden och att man genom att skapa realtidsdata kan styra dessa flöden genom till exempel trafikljus i korsningar och belysning.

FAKTA Lund Open Sensoring City

Projektet Lund Open Sensoring City drivs av Future by Lund och pågår från maj 2020 till 2023.

Inskrivna projektpartners är Axis Communications, Kraftringen, Lund Universitet och Mobile Heights, Sensative, Sony, Telia och Trivector. Projektet görs också i samarbete med Ericsson, Volvo Cars och u-Blox med flera.


‘Techlash’ at Sidewalk Labs could mean smart city rethink

Alex Ryan, head of the MaRS Solutions Lab and a consultant on the Quayside project in Toronto, said less reliance on tech and more community engagement could be the new way forward.

“I would suggest a shift from driving from a data perspective to more driving from a democratic engagement and legitimacy perspective,” Ryan said. “How do you engage citizens more as co-designers of the spaces that they live, work and play in?”

Sensative take: Smart Cities are also for the citizens, not only government and commercial interests. A top-down approach will not work in democratic societies. Bottom-up is what works. Citizen engagement with clear value propositions for the individuals. What’s in it for the average Joe?

The impact of Covid 19 on the Internet of Things Complete view min

The impact of Covid-19 on the Internet of Things Part 2

IoT Analytics has seen two extreme reactions of different companies during the current crisis. One firm that was interviewed laid off their entire digital team as one of the first cost-cutting measures.

Another company cut costs elsewhere and ensured their digital initiatives would continue uninterrupted.COVID-19 may prove to be a decisive event that further widens the digital divide between those who cut digital initiatives and those that prioritize them.

Those that were just sailing along with some digital initiatives but didn’t take it too seriously, now fall behind, while others pull ahead and may find new digital business models that put them in a leading position in their industries for years to come.

What side of the divide are you aiming for?

The impact of Covid 19 on the Internet of Things v2 min

The impact of Covid-19 on the Internet of Things

How does Covid-19 impact the Internet of Things, its technology, and its applications specifically? We talked to various IoT decision-makers to understand..

Sensative quick summary: even more focus on remote control, automation, digital twins, and smart city & buildings. Less interest in consumer IoT devices and DIY.

m2m managed services 877x432 1

IoT Managed Services Mature, Despite Measured Enterprise Adoption

Managed service providers see emerging technology as a significant source of business opportunity over the next couple of years. More than 50% of respondents to a recent CompTIA survey already offer IoT managed services today, according to the survey.

Sensative thoughts: IoT is difficult and requires it’s competent and qualified staff. The obvious alternative is already picking up speed: Managed IoT Services.

At Sensative we already have contracts that are taking things even one step further, a new business that we call Sensing-as-a-Service. The customer just wants to have the data and doesn’t care about the tech at all. We provide everything and charge based on the data we generate and manage for them, not based on the products we install. Maybe, this will be the new normal in a few years?


Cities go digital to survive the new normal

During a recent webinar, leaders highlighted how online municipal services and platforms will be key amid the spread of COVID-19, particularly to eliminate the “barriers of communication” with residents.

Sensative take: A connected city is easier to manage remotely but digitalization should also be driven for everyday services, especially as residents are urged to self-isolate and many government employees working remotely.


Data Governance And Smart Cities Are Helping Improve Quality Of Life In Japan

As more and more municipalities in Japan and overseas turn to smart city solutions to address social issues, the volume of data being generated by cameras and other kinds of sensors is seeing explosive growth.

Sensative take: An interesting Fiware use case, the open-source framework and standard for Smart Cities, that our Yggio is based on. The case shows the versatility of the platform where surveillance cameras are used as a safety tool for the citizens.

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