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Market Buzz curated by Sensative

Market Buzz curated by Sensative

Hyllie: how Swedish prosumption could set a precedent for smart cities

The Swedish district of Hyllie is blazing a trail for “prosumer” culture, creating a smart city that both produces and uses its own energy.

Sensative take:

A very interesting development for Smart Cities indeed. But, it is based upon that everyone installs new and latest technology, both the utility company and the BMS’s in the buildings. It is based upon the fact that this is a completely new city district, where everything is built from scratch.

The whole trick is that systems and organizations can integrate and share data in real-time to optimize supply and consumption. This puts a lot of requirements on the systems to be able to integrate and share data securely and under full control of the data owner, all for the common good of the Smart City.

When the city is not newly constructed you have a plethora of systems (or lack thereof) of different generations, technologies, standards, and incompatible suppliers. You cannot expect all these property owners and other players to completely rebuild their technologies from scratch. You need to be able to retrofit missing components while utilizing installed tech to make it economically viable.

This is the purpose of Sensative’s Yggio; to be able to install a modernization “operating system” into the smart building and city to act as the glue between old and existing tech providing the same possibilities as described in this article, but for everywhere, not only in new district developments.

The potential for MQTT in realizing the smart city vision – Secure Insights

MQTT is likely to play a great role in the realization of smart city goals. Learn about the potential benefits of integrating MQTT into video surveillance

In the IoT business, MQTT is a standard protocol, and Sensative’s integration platform speaks to it natively. With the MQTT ACAP software in the camera, we can extract an event/alarm – meaning utilizing the camera purely as an IoT sensor – without us ever accessing the video stream, which could be highly sensitive.

For example, we now use Axis cameras for people counting in office environments for facility management and COVID-19 related monitoring – everything is integrated in real-time into the Building Management Systems.

Using MQTT simplifies the complexity of configuring IP-networks for two-way communication and lowers the load on servers by reducing data overhead.

Fastighets Förvaltaren vinner BA Tech Awards 2020!

Nu är det klart vilka som är vinnarna i innovationstävlingen Business Arena Tech Awards. Det är Fastighets AB Förvaltaren i kategorin mest innovativa fastighetsbolag, som vinner Business Arena och Nordic PropTech Initiative prestigefyllda pris.

På Business Arena den 8 december hyllades de lyckliga vinnarna. I tävlingen var det sex finalister som hade röstats fram och fick pitcha sin tjänst eller projekt inför juryn. Digitalisering och omsättning i praktiken är några kriterier som bidrog till vilka som skulle bli vinnare av BA Tech Awards 2020.

Grattis Förvaltaren! Alltid lika roligt när våra kunder blir vinnare (i mer än en bemärkelse 🙂 )

3 Rules of COVID-19 Workplaces: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility

For buildings, flexibility comes from visibility and intelligence. Only by knowing what is happening in a building can smart systems respond to changes, so during times of uncertainty buildings should develop their sensory infrastructure. Motion detectors, people counting cameras, and even carbon dioxide monitors can all help buildings better determine occupancy levels, allowing the processed data to trigger the necessary efficiency changes across the facility. As we continue with a hotch-potch of remote work, office-returns, and flexible policies, the prevailing building automation systems (BAS) simply cannot maintain good efficiency levels.

Sensative take: To get the insights you need you need access to data. Both legacy system data and new IoT data. You need a horizontal multi-party platform that integrates all possible technologies and systems providing the data and control in real-time. Then you enable flexibility. Meet Sensative Yggio.

Här är finalisterna i Business Arena Tech Awards – Fastighetsnytt

Nu är det klart vilka sex bidrag som går vidare till final i innovationstävlingen Business Arena Tech Awards.

Spoiler: Sensative och Yggio3 är en av finalisterna 🙂

Here’s How Your Property Management Software Determines Your Tech Stack | Propmodo

Choosing the right ERP solution is more important than choosing the right add-on technology.

…There are plenty of listicles out there giving their recommendations for the best at X, be it marketing, operational optimization, energy efficiency, or tenant experience improvement. There’s a catch, though. Based on the property management software you’ve chosen to run with, many of your tech choices might already be made up for you…

So, maybe you should actually choose the best platform for integrating it all, including all the new IoT, AI, etc. Letting you freely choose the best SW and supplier for a specific task, knowing that it will actually work with your legacy technology, just because you have Sensative’s Yggio bridging it all.



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