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Axis Communications, with its well-known surveillance cameras, is branching out into network audio, video analytics, network-based access control, and intercoms. Apart from providing technology for surveillance, the company is now working with AI in conjunction with their devices to provide customers with data that can be used in real-time and retroactively.

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The foundation for a successful smart city


For a smart city to be truly efficient, everything needs to be integrated. The technology lays a foundation and enables cooperation. It is then vital that different city departments can communicate and work together to harvest the fruits of their investments. Callenfors highlights the necessity for various departments to be able to take part in data collected through the devices as this data can be valuable in many different contexts, allowing for cooperation between departments when tracking, planning, and more.

Open technology

We see more and more organizations viewing it as a given factor that the technology used is open, from devices deployed to the systems that collect data and act upon it. Open technology allows you to own your data, control the data, change providers easily, and integrate devices and systems that best fit your needs. 

Why is an open platform vital for Axis?

An open platform such as Sensative’s horizontal DiMS platform (Digitalization Infrastructure Management System) Yggio allows Axis’ devices to play scenarios and exchange data between sensors and management systems. The standardization of data that Yggio enables allows for integrations to run smoothly, making a drive for standardization of data and openness all at the same time. As Callenfors puts it, an open platform gives you “control over how a city develops over time, and control over sensors used.” Axis’ sensors collect data, and Yggio cross-reference and visualize that data, making it actionable.

What Axis needs

How Sensative enables

Open standards

Open standards enable the technology to integrate and collaborate with different systems and applications from different compliant manufacturers. Yggio broker, translate, and make sense of data to be acted upon by analysis or by setting up scenarios. As a customer, one does not want to take the risk of suddenly needing technology that is not compatible with your platform. Yggio enables you to choose between a wide range of popular IoT devices from many different suppliers. 

Open API

Both the devices and the platform need to be built on open APIs that are standardized, well documented, and easy to understand for the user when it is time to implement new devices or integrate systems. We have built Yggio on standardized APIs, such as FIWARE, and Sensative has an extensive archive of documentation and available support for any unique integrations that a customer is looking to realize. Yggio’s open API also makes it easy for customers to develop their own applications suitable for their individual needs.


By using Yggio, customers control their data. They are free to change technology or vendor based on their own needs, never having to worry about becoming locked into a vertical solution where the provider owns their data or forces them to choose between a minimal range of IoT devices to implement. Acting as an integration layer and context broker, Yggio’s horizontal model allows for many integrations far from possible with vertical solutions.


An increasing number of customers realize the need for freedom through the control that an open platform offers. No one knows what technology will reach the market tomorrow. The ability to smoothly scale up your operations based on new use cases, your growing needs, or the market’s technological developments is vital. Yggio is based on open standards with scalability in focus so that customers can expand their operations when the need arises. Think big, start small, and scale fast.

Use cases for Axis products

Callenfors highlights the versatility of Axis cameras and talks about several use cases that can be valuable in a smart city. 


Use cases


With the cameras sending data in real-time, issues can quickly be detected and acted upon, or users can gather evidence for use after an incident has occurred. Customers can also use the cameras to gather data, such as trends in the usage of public space. Retrospectively, customers can use the collected data to plan future infrastructure development, such as roads or public areas.

Callenfors also highlights how customers can use such data gathering to analyze, for example, the results of infrastructure changes – Are these new traffic lights balancing out the traffic as intended? Are citizens utilizing the new square as expected? And plenty more. 

Detect and classify objects

With the help of AI, Axis cameras can identify objects such as humans or cars. The cameras can be used to note large crowds, count how many people are in a room, analyze the flow of vehicles in traffic, and plenty more. This data can be valuable for setting up scenarios in real-time, e.g., to increase AC activity when a certain number of people are in a building. Another example is collecting data and reporting on empty or occupied parking spaces – An increasingly popular use case in smart cities.

Track objects

Not only can the cameras detect cars, but the AI also enables the cameras to read license plates automatically, which customers can use for applications such as distributing automatic parking fees at a mall or detecting traffic violations and issuing fines. When customers deploy the technology on a large scale, it can also track moving vehicles or other objects. 

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