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Video as IoT sensors

A quickly evolving type of device in IoT is using video cameras as sensors. Video sensors are mainly used for security reasons, automatically identifying people, license plates, or objects or collecting behavioral data for structural planning. 

Use cases with video sensors

IoT video sensors are becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings such as storefronts, where they count the number of customers in the store and report on this in real-time. In addition, local processing in the camera can signal the number of people passing without showing the image and thus protecting the integrity of the passersby. In smart cities, users implement IoT cameras for a multitude of things, such as monitoring traffic flow, monitoring behavioral patterns in public areas, and issuing traffic fines.

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The goal of the Connected Ship project is to develop and implement a horizontal ship digitalization platform to connect the different digital automation systems and IoT sensor networks across different communication standards on board a ship

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