IoT use cases: Occupancy

Occupancy monitoring in IoT

A growing market in IoT is occupancy monitoring of spaces through IoT presence or occupancy sensors. With occupancy sensors, you can monitor the usage of machines, desks, venue seats, parking spaces, and plenty more. A prevalent implementation is for desks, often referred to as elastic offices, flexible offices, or hotdesking. By collecting occupancy data, business owners can see trends and plan for developments, optimize space usage, and offer services to report upon desk availability to customers.

Desk occupancy will take on another meaning when we return to the office after working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, recent initiatives require companies to record and maintain the cleanliness of particular working areas.

Standard desk occupancy sensors only report occupied or not occupied, just two values to show the availability of the desk. Strips Presence with the +Switch offer new and extended functionality.

Read more in the Post Covid – clean desk on-demand use case. 

connected ship by sensative and LifeFinder
The goal of the Connected Ship project is to develop and implement a horizontal ship digitalization platform to connect the different digital automation systems and IoT sensor networks across different communication standards on board a ship

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