IoT use cases: Intrusion

Intrusion monitoring with IoT

Intrusion monitoring is a perfect application for IoT technology as there are many devices highly capable of monitoring everything from doors to whole rooms. IoT technology is often a financially and operationally sensible choice for many businesses, with devices often being easy to install, wireless, and multi-functional. Users can implement IoT devices to monitor for intrusion through windows or doors, monitor opening of cabinets and similar, or monitor motion in different spaces.

An IoT intrusion detection system

IoT systems can be open and highly multi-functional. We will see the security market increasingly move from expensive vertical locked-in security systems to open IoT-based systems with security functions. Especially by using open IoT technology, users can enjoy a multitude of choices, integrations, and additional functions to increase their services and ROI.

A simple setup can involve door and window sensors that alarm the IoT platform, for example, when someone opens a door. If the system registers a door being opened by the wrong person, at the wrong place, or wrong time of day, an alarm can immediately go out to the owner or the security company.

For real estate owners, offering real-time updates can be a valuable service to residents.

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