IoT use cases: Public spaces

Public spaces and IoT

With so many people using public spaces, society needs modern technology to monitor and analyze behavioral patterns properly and make informed decisions for management and future projects and transitions. From public buildings, town squares, and parks to trash cans, how do we know what parts are superfluous and what parts are at their breaking limit? IoT technology can, for example, help cities collect data to see promising areas for development, do predictive maintenance, optimize traffic flow, and so much more.

Managing public spaces with IoT

City management and authorities are starting to use IoT technology to increase their public spaces’ quality and performance. These IoT projects are also a substantial driving force for employing city-wide communication grids for IoT, developing the necessary security standards for infrastructure protection, and evolving the technology to serve the public better.

IoT devices, such as sensors and network cameras, lets users monitor data points such as cars passing a particular street, the number of people occupying a square at different hours, the usage of park benches, and statuses of parking and EV-charging spots, to name just a few ongoing projects. Through the often wireless devices, their robust radio communication protocols, and open Digitalization infrastructure Management System Yggio, both installation and communication become smooth, making it friendly to implement city-wide.

IoT Sensors, interconnected data sources and mobile data form the basis of the real-time smart city. The Smart Public Spaces project is a part of Future by Lund. Here we work with solutions for the future city which are based on real-time information where people, organizations, infrastructure and sensor systems work together to create a sustainable environment with a high quality of life.

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