Blurring the Lines Between Physical Security & Smart Building Technology

Blurring the Lines Between Physical Security & Smart Building Technology

As commercial buildings slowly return to action we see increasing demand for physical security products & services.

“The security industry is having to connect with a wider sphere of functionalities, not just security, and to develop tailored vertical markets offerings in order to deliver, together with their strategic partners, IoT solutions that work on standard open platforms,” the new report explains. “If the physical security industry does not meet this challenge, then an identity crisis will drastically reduce its prospects for future growth. This does not mean that product manufacturers have to install systems, but they will need to develop new partnerships, and interfaces with those responsible for delivering more comprehensive BIoT solutions with control and reporting functionality for multiple building systems. This shift will change the routes to market for a significant proportion of the physical security business.”

This is very true and already happening. Just take a look at our cooperations with Axis Communication and Precise Biometrics, where IoT and security become integral parts in the Building Management Systems.

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