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IoT for security

IoT is a steadily growing feature in the security market, providing security solutions to homeowners and commercial establishments alike. IoT devices can be implemented on a fundamental level to monitor elements such as windows, doors, cabinets, entrances, valuables, and more. Any security breaches can be monitored in real-time for the user to deal with quickly with such installations. On a more advanced level, users implement IoT devices to monitor crowds, system faults, passenger safety, and more.

Solving IoT security challenges

IoT means data collection and communication, so there are bound to be some security or privacy issues. Data ownership and safe data transferring are among the top priorities in customers looking for the right platform and devices, especially when dealing with sensitive data such as infrastructural analysis, monitoring vital utility services, and IoT in healthcare.

The answer to most security challenges in IoT is an open technology, where users are in complete control over their data and can relay it securely to any system of their choice. Through our IoT platform Yggio, customers can enjoy full manageability with support for the latest security standards and ZeroTrust architecture.

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