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Kraftringen – A Sensative Customer Case

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Kraftringen is an energy company supplying southern Sweden with a range of different services like energy, fiber networks, district heating, cooling, and more. Through various municipal and EU projects, Kraftringen has started to employ sensor communication and has trialed sensors in several different pilot projects. They have also established their own LoRaWAN network for internal use, and developed an IoT business unit for commercial IoT operator services.

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What Sensative supplies

By working with Sensative’s open horizontal IoT DiMS platform Yggio for data collecting in their IoT projects, they also become free to use the devices and systems that they require. Another highlighted perk of using the Yggio platform is that they can share and reuse the collected data in different applications.

 Kraftringen needs

 Sensative supplies

To be able to collect and send data over large areas and long distances

Using long-range narrow-band communication like LoRaWAN makes it possible to send data from sensor to gateway over vast distances. A Sensative Strip sensor for LoRaWAN can send data to a gateway up to 10 kilometers away. With LoRaWAN becoming increasingly popular and more companies setting up gateways, the network and its coverage are rapidly growing.

To be able to choose devices and systems freely

Using the Yggio platform, users can choose freely from a wide range of IoT devices and related systems to implement and combine. In contrast to the standard siloed solutions where data and devices cannot be shared between different supplier solutions, Yggio lets customers freely choose devices and systems that best suit their specific use cases and needs.

Some of Kraftringen's projects

EV charging stations

Monitoring of charging stations for electric cars is one area Kraftringen has developed a POC (Proof of Concept) for. Kraftringen uses different sensors at charging stations to monitor if the station is busy and how visitors are utilizing that space.

Read more here

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Power cabinet monitoring

All over the city, Lund is painted with thousands of power cabinets operated by Kraftringen. The company has trialed different IoT networks and technologies to develop robust and highly secure solutions to monitor for moisture, intrusion, and more. Things that today require manual inspection. The idea is to improve the reliability of the power distribution services while saving on manual labor, travel costs, and more.

Read more here (in Swedish).

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Reducing power outages 

A project in Lund aims to shorten the length of power outages by utilizing sensors in Kraftringen’s power grid. Sensor monitoring allows the company to locate a fault more quickly and easily, thereby affecting fewer customers and reducing losses.

Read more here.

Sensative IoT platform integrates Kraftringen sensors

Monitoring of a tree rooting

Another exciting and maybe a bit suprising use case is monitoring a transplanted mature tree’s rerooting process. The monitoring of soil moisture levels is an increasingly popular area for IoT implementations, allowing optimal plant health and minimum water wastage. 

In this instance, the tree originally standing at the schoolyard in Lund had fallen ill and now been replaced. The new, but about forty year mature, tree would require up to three years to fully root in its new resting place. During these years, it will be very vulnerable to environmental challenges.

To keep the soil in optimal conditions for the rooting process, Kraftringen has placed moisture sensors on two levels around the root system. By doing so, they receive a detailed picture of the soil’s moisture distribution that allows them to water the root system according to its needs. The multi-sensors also monitor other soil conditions such as air permeability, PH levels, nutrition, and more.


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