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Viridian Automation – A Sensative Customer Use Case


Viridian Automation is a building technology integrator serving customers in Ontario, Canada. Viridian helps customers install and maintain building systems for building automation and different services like access control, security video monitoring, and plenty more. At the core of their services, Viridian helps customers monitor building operations activity in real-time to make timely decisions in response to any events or results monitored.

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What Sensative supplies

While Viridian has been working with building technology for many years, they have more recently embraced IoT technology and come to see this technology as an integral part of their services.

After spending much time researching IoT software and hardware, Viridian saw Sensative’s products as the best choice for their needs. Viridian’s David Robertson shares the primary factors why Sensative’s products fit their needs.

Viridian needs

Sensative delivers

User-friendly solutions that make the installation process, the maintenance, the integration of new technology or systems, and more, as seamless as possible.

Sensative’s Strips sensors are easy to enroll and install, and the Yggio platform is built with user experience in focus, all so that both IoT novice and more experienced customers can get the most out of the products without having to waste unnecessary time and energy on understanding them.

Open protocols so that their customers are in control of their data and can handle it however they want.

The Yggio platform is based on open standards to be as transparent as possible and offer users complete control over their data. All data and functionality are accessible through the standardized API.

Yggio can be installed in the cloud or on-premises in accordance with customer needs.

A flexible and scalable system that can easily be extended in line with a company’s increasing needs.

Flexibility and scalability are one of Sensative’s focus areas when designing the Yggio platform. It should be easy for every customer to increase devices, integrations, and other services as their business needs grow.

The ability to freely choose what technology to integrate concerning both hardware and software.

The Yggio platform is a highly versatile platform speaking many languages (aka protocols), both new IoT and legacy building technologies. This enables customers to freely choose what hardware to implement and what systems to integrate between. We are continuously adding new protocols and standards based on new technology and customer needs.

Eco-friendly solutions with low operational costs.

One of the strong suits of Strips sensors is that they are powered by batteries that can last up to 10 years without any maintenance. Such a solution makes for the most eco-friendly solution as sensors will be as idle as possible until data is gathered and sent to the host. As there is no need for maintenance, there is no need to periodically or randomly travel to every sensor to do a health control or replace parts. Saving on those trips will save the company in question unnecessary costs on staff, gas, hardware parts, and more, while also being as friendly as possible to the environment.

Stable network connectivity and communication for their IoT technology to be trusted 24/7

Sensative’s Strips for professional use cases are run on LoRaWAN networks, providing stable long-range radio communication that will not be disturbed by elements that can easily interfere with different types of short-range radio networks. 

Real-time notifications to be able to act immediately on any issues.

We configure our sensors to send notifications as soon as any predetermined data levels are reached during monitoring, giving customers the possibility to act immediately on any issues, whether manually or automatically, through predetermined scenarios.

Use cases

While working with many different use cases, Viridian has chosen to focus a lot on water cases as the company is seeing an obvious rising need for smart solutions with building technology in this field. With the insurance landscape offering an ever more challenging foundation to customers suffering from water damages, customers are increasingly looking for more trustworthy leak prevention technology to invest in.

Customer story

Robertson shares an example of a customer who had suffered financially from eight different substantial leak events over a period of only eighteen months, leaving him with a deductible of over $100,000 per leak event and thus pushing him to invest in leak prevention building technology. Investing in such technology is the most financially reasonable in such a climate. It will save users from unnecessary reparation expenses and give users valuable information about its operations that can make up the foundation for future investments, reconstructions, and plenty more.

Why implement IoT devices?

For a real estate owner, identifying the most vulnerable locations in your building and then implementing water leak sensors in those areas can give you all you need to be informed in time ahead of any significant water leak damages. While you can set up a scenario to send you an alarm when any leak is detected, it is also possible to set up more advanced scenarios with other technology involved. An excellent example of this is setting up water leak sensors with remotely operated valve shutters in all kitchens of an apartment complex. When leakage occurs, the pre-configured scenario will instruct the valve shutter to shut down the water flow.


To learn more about Viridian Automation, visit their website @


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