Smart Public Spaces

Smarta Offentliga Miljöer​

Sensors, interconnected data sources, and mobile data form the basis of the real-time city.

The Smart Public Spaces (SOM in Swedish) is part of Future by Lund, where we and other project members collaborate on solutions for the future city which are based on real-time information where people, organizations, infrastructure, and sensor systems work together to create a sustainable environment with a high quality of life. This also makes the city more open, contributes to more participation being created, and to democracy in a broader sense increasing.

SOM kabelskap kraftringen sensative

The goal is to increase the transparency and participation of citizens and create better public environments with the help of innovative solutions. The idea is that connected sensors and devices can play an important role in the creation of new types of solutions while providing opportunities for increased enterprise.

Part of the project is to find benefits with the Internet of Things (IoT) for the municipality’s activities. The project will provide an open LoRaWAN network to be used be used as a test bed for local companies to develop and test new innovative IoT services. 

The project initially focus on four innovation examples: Bicycle data, Critical infrastructure monitoring (see image above) , Efficient and safe urban cultivation and User controlled waste management.

Critical infrastructure monitoring  

There is important equipment for the city’s communications and electricity networks in some electrical cabinets in Lund. The cabinets are important for society to function. In the project, we test monitoring of the cabinets with sensors and investigate what you can benefit from a sensor structure in the cabinets. 

Bicycle data 

Today, IoT offers new opportunities to collect data on cyclists’ traffic behavior, and in the project, we will collect data partly in an app and partly through different flow measurements. 

Urban agriculture 

Urban cultivation and cultivation of plants in green environments are increasingly important for cities. Cultivation has many positive effects, and measurement of, for example, rain, solar radiation, wind, and soil temperature can optimize cultivation. 

Waste disposal 

The waste management could also be user-controlled. There is also a need to find smarter container emptying solutions. It can be done with the help of sensors. 


The project also aims to enable reuse, transparency, and information sharing between different actors and systems. This activity is central to creating an effective platform and implementing IoT solutions in the public sector more effectively. 

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with the use of Yggio, sensors and our IoT and wireless expertise. Yggio will be enhanced with new functionality, e.g. in the areas of integration of new protocols and standards, security for protecting critical infrastructure, to mention a few.

See this video about one of the sub-projects.

Participants: City of Lund, City of Malmö, Ideon Innovation, Lund and Malmö Universities, Axis Communications, Sony Mobile Communications, Ericsson, Telia, Sensative, Sensefarm, Mobile Heights, RISE, Schneider Electric, u-blox, Trivector Traffic AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, and many more (>40)

External funding: The project is part of the Strategic Innovation Program for the Internet of Things, IoT Sweden, which is funded by Vinnova.

Duration: September 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020

Some sub-projects

kraftringen sensative IoT

Sensor monitoring brings shorter power outages

Being able to monitor the grid with sensors allows Kraftringen to locate a fault more quickly, thereby affecting fewer customers, while the fault can be fixed faster than ever before.

kraftringen laddstolpe

Monitoring of Electrical Vehicle charging stations

The project uses different sensors at charging stations to check whether the station is busy and how a visitor is utilizing that space.



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