March 2021 Fantastic Mind Presentation

Fantastic Mind – A Sensative Partner case


Fantastic Mind is a Mauritian IT consulting company with UX design at its core. Fantastic Minds helps customers digitalize their businesses or optimize their digital operations. From researching, planning, and guiding customers’ business developments, to service design and managing digital infrastructure.

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Why they chose Sensative’s products

Fantastic Mind’s Didier Lenette shares several great points on why our products match their needs and services. As an African actor, Fantastic Mind wants to find the best products to bring to the African market where gaps are still to be filled.

Fantastic Mind highlights

Sensative’s answer

One of the leaders in IoT

We do not deal with conventional vertical solutions so we are not in the competitive field together with those actors, but looking at open IoT technology, we are definitely one of the key developers and providers in that field.

Valuable experience to draw from

With a wide range of customers in different markets, our experience with diverse implementations is ever-growing, allowing us to support customers to find the very best solutions with our products. On the technical side, we have highly skilled staff members who allow us to discuss the technology with any actor, no matter what level of knowledge that actor has.

Tried and proven solutions

Sensative’s products have been implemented in such a wide range of applications that we are convinced that they can deliver all that is needed.

Compatible business models

With the Yggio platform being so versatile, acting as everything from an integration layer to a central monitoring platform, it is highly effective at realizing customers’ unique digital infrastructures. Yggio is built with customers’ need for freedom in focus, enabling customers to connect whatever systems or 3rd party services they want to connect in their digital ecosystem.

Wide range of sensors

Our innovative products with iconic designs set us apart on the market. In addition, our sensors are versatile, use the most popular radio communication protocols, and, not the least, are based on open standards and APIs for customers to be as flexible as possible.

A platform that addresses sensor multiprotocol issues

One of Yggio’s greatest strengths is our translators, enabling users to choose from a wide range of technologies, products, and suppliers as Yggio collects and standardizes data from different devices to make it actionable.

Use case

Fantastic Mind’s services is an excellent example of how customers can use Yggio as the central data collecting and standardizing foundation for their services, working in the background of a customer’s visible platform. What Fantastic Mind does is to offer customers a platform with UX design in mind, with 3D visualizations, recommendations for actions based on collected data, and much more.

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