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While setting up your Strips sensor ensuring the correct placement is key to allow proper open/close reporting.
The estimated battery life is up to 10 years under normal usage. Of course, extreme usage and conditions may affect this.
Smart Home data helps mitigate the potential in having to pay thousands of dollars to restore the water damage in your home.
Sensative, an award-winning start up based in Lund Sweden has worked with Google at the 2018 CES Tradeshow
Since Strips Guard acts as an open/close sensor, its owner should not be limited only to windows & doors. Anything that has a moving part, a window, drawer, cabinet, etc., is a potential candidate for Strips Guard.
Qoitech proved that Strips will last 10 years (if not longer) in normal Z-Wave networks.
Strips Guard is weatherproof.
The Strips family is growing! We are proud to introduce you to Strips Drip, the ultra-thin, long lasting water leak sensor!
Temperature, something many of us take for granted, unless it makes us uncomfortable.
A key point to consider is that a secure home is not only one that can scare off a potential burglar but is also one that notifies you if there is a water leak, power outage or other unusual occurrence like a sudden, drastic temperature change.
The world’s thinnest magnet sensor is now cleared for launch in the U.S.
After we started shipping Strips last year, we found an interesting discovery which lead to a new variant of Strips - we call it Strips baby!


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