10 Year Battery Life: How did we do it?

Being a well-known player in the IOT industry in southern Sweden, Sensative was asked to be a part of Mobile Heights IOT morning in Malmö on September 13th to discuss IoT development challenges. Our CEO, Mats Pettersson was invited to be a part of a panel of experts to discuss Sensative´s experience so far.
A major challenge for Sensative was to achieve the groundbreaking 10 years battery life on our Strips sensors so it was only natural for Sensative to team up with Qoitech (www.qoitech.com) and use the new Otii solution for energy consumption measurements to chase down every power consuming component and SW activity in our Strips Guard, the thinnest magnet sensor in the world.
While we were quite confident that 10 years was attainable, we were able to optimize every little bit using Otii solution. Then we asked the Qoitech team to validate our results and were pleasantly surprised at the results which proved, without a doubt, that Strips will last 10 years (if not longer) in normal Z-Wave networks. Below you will find a link to the case study done published on Qoitech’s blog, so you can see the impressive results for yourself.”

Click here to read the full case study: https://goo.gl/pb74Si

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