Living room and Sensative Strips Comfort

Temperature and the Smart Home

At Sensative, we believe in smart home devices that makes sense for the end-user. One device that certainly made sense for a lot of people, as it is one the most common products on the smart home market is a smart thermostat. The device that was arguably the greatest influencer in this field was the Nest Learning Thermostat. After a few weeks usage, Nest learns the schedules of its owners and can then adjust the temperature. Now, people could use home automation not only to make their homes more comfortable but, they could save energy and be more environmentally friendly and, in the end, save money on their utility bills as well.

At Sensative, we feel that one central temperature sensor, having only the ability to control the heating or cooling system isn’t really enough. Strips Comfort, an ultra-thin, discreet, temperature and ambient light sensor with an industry leading 10 year battery can be placed in any room to also help control costs. Linked to automatic blinds for example, if temperature or light readings become too high in a room, Strips Comfort can let the blinds know through the users Z-Wave hub to be lowered. Automated windows could be similarly controlled. Strips Comfort can do the job and be mounted so indiscreetly, you won’t even know it’s there. That is until it helps keep your indoor climate more comfortable and saves you money.

Temperature, something many of us take for granted, unless it makes us uncomfortable.


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