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Smart Home Security

Surely most everyone has heard the terms smart home, Internet of Things and home automation. Images of devices in our homes talking to us and to each other conjures up different thoughts to everyone but how do we really feel when we think about Smart Home Security systems?

Security systems have been around since the end of World War I when insurance companies would offer discounts to customers who used “door shakers” who would walk around at night and make sure doors were closed and locked while more advanced systems would use magnetic contacts that would trigger a bell when broken and send a signal to a central monitoring location.

Alarm systems have come a long way since then and the thought of having a smart alarm which can connect to different devices in your home in an attempt to stop a potential break in before it happens is very tempting. But, where are these systems today and what do they offer the customer?

Dozens of companies offer smart home security systems from turnkey solutions that are then paid for monthly to DIY kits to early adopters buying components and creating their own.

A key point to consider is that a secure home is not only one that can scare off a potential burglar but is also one that notifies you if there is a water leak, power outage or other unusual occurrence like a sudden, drastic temperature change. Smart Home Security systems have the possibility to offer all of this and more. Video cameras can show you if everything is OK or not and a neighbor can check if that water leak needs immediate attention. All while you’re lying on the beach in some tropical paradise. Smart, right?

Other features offered by today’s smart devices are that they can tell you if something is open or unlocked before you leave your home. Settings can be collected into “themes” such as Away so that when you press Away on your app controlling your hub, everything locks, door/window sensors let you know if something is open, lights are set to go on if a break in is detected, music or TVs can be turned on or off, all things that can make your home appear to be occupied at the touch of a button. This is the vision of smart home security that we at Sensative embrace.

Smart home security! We think THAT is pretty smart!

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