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Some creative ideas on how to use IoT and Sensative Strips sensors to help Santa perform his job during Christmas night
Through this relationship, WORTHINGTON will market, distribute and warehouse the Strips Family of sensors targeting the hospitality, professional integration and security markets.
The new agreement will see Alliot supply Sensative’s innovative LoRaWAN sensor range throughout the UK
Sensative Strips Guard 700 receives FCC and Z-Wave approvals
Live testing that surprised even us!
SENSATIVE Announces Strategic distribution partnership with Solar A/S. Through this relationship, SOLAR will market and distribute Strips Family of sensors aimed at the professional market.
Sensative announces strategic partnership with Hungarian property developer Metrodom
Sensative will offer new and innovative smart home sensors compatible with SmartThings for seamless whole home automation
Strips Drip, the thinnest water leakage sensor you’ll find on the market, is officially available for sale in Europe & the US.
Axis using Strips Guard to monitor when a cash register is open or closed
For Strips Comfort – the discreet temperature & LUX sensor, Sensative has developed an algorithm for ambient light reporting system that reports in regards to relevance.

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