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Meet Strips Drip

long-lasting water leak sensor
Group on phone notified by Strips Drip

The Strips family is growing! We are proud to introduce you to Strips Drip, the ultra-thin, long lasting water leak sensor!

Strips is a family of discreet Z-Wave sensors designed to be sturdy and reliable. The first in the Strips Family was Strips Guard, the “invisible” door and window sensor, which can alert you on your smartphone if a door or a window is left open or if anything abnormal happens. Just 3 mm thick and with a 10 year battery, this sensor can connect all your windows and doors to your Z-Wave smart-home system. With an adhesive backing it is easy to install and Z-Wave Plus certification means it’s simple to include in your smart-home network.

Sensative, sensing the need for other types of sensors, then decided to develop another device based on Strips ultra-thin design. We are pleased to present Strips Drip, the water leak sensor.

Strips Drip, placed under a sink, a dishwasher or even a freezer can sense moisture and warn you about a leak or freezing temperatures before anything gets damaged. Thanks to its ultra-thin design (roughly 5 mm thick) it can fit almost anywhere. The proprietary battery designed by Sensative will ensure you around 10 years of power without needing to be changed or recharged. Like Strips guard, its purpose is to detect an unexpected event (in this case, a water leak or freezing temperatures) while being invisible. Its biggest advantage is that, unlike most of the leak sensors on the market, there is almost nowhere Strips Drip cannot fit and you never need to worry about the battery.

Strips Drip is in the certification process and soon it will be possible to add it to any Z-Wave based network. 

Strips Drip will remind you that it’s there in the case of trouble. So with Strips Drip, no news is good news! Basically you just set it and forget it!

​Strips Drip is the third member of the Strips family. 



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