Mounting Strips Guard

Three questions Strips Guard can help you answer

Since Strips Guard acts as an open/close sensor, its owner should not be limited only to windows & doors. Anything that has a moving part, a window, drawer, cabinet, etc., is a potential candidate for Strips Guard.
Mounting Strips Guard
Here are three questions that Strips Guard can assist you with in your everyday life:

1. Did my child open the baby gate?

A fear of most parents is their child falling down the stairs. Kids have a knack for getting around (or over!) the safeguards we place within our homes to keep them safe. One way to utilise the Strips Guard is by attaching it to a baby gate. This will notify you each time the baby gate is opened/closed while you’re busy doing other things – like cleaning up!

baby gate orig
2. When did my teenager come home last night? 

It’s another Friday/Saturday night and your teenager is out with his/her friends again. You get a text message at around 11pm (aka your bedtime) saying “Don’t wait up, I’ll be late”. Still, you would like to keep track of what time your teenager is getting home, but the 7am breakfast rush with your other 10 year old doesn’t allow for you to wait up until the early hours of the morning. Strips Guard can help! Go to sleep knowing that when you wake up in the morning you will have a notification, with time and date included, on your phone as to when your child walked in (or climbed through the window)

party teens orig
3. Did I get any mail today?

You are waiting for an important letter to arrive in the mail during the month of December. It is winter, you’re coming back from your car to your house after work, you stop to check your mailbox on your way in and here is nothing there! The 20 second walk to the mailbox and realising that letter still hasn’t arrived is starting to get to you. If only there were a way of you being notified when your mailbox is opened (which means new mail) so you wouldn’t have to check it on a daily basis. Strips Guard can help you with this. As Strips is weatherproof (note: not waterproof), it is able to withstand outdoor temperature. It also has a fantastic range of 40m which allows you to mount it on a mailbox and works the way it would work on a window/door, notifying you of every open/close activity.

mailbox orig
What do you think? Drop us a note if you have any new ideas about how to use Strips Guard in a creative way!


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