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Sensative & Google at CES Tradeshow!

Sensative, an award-winning start up based in Lund Sweden has worked with Google at the 2018 CES Tradeshow! With “Strips” and “Yggio”, Sensative develops unique solutions for the smart buildings and smart cities, now integrations with the Google Assistant.

At Sensative we put family first and technology second. Connecting Strips with the Google Assistant through the Yggio platform, Sensative will be able to help families in their everyday lives and daily routines.

At the CES launch, Sensative demonstrated how the Google Assistant on Google Home can control Strips through Yggio. Users can simply say “Ok Google, tell Yggio I’m leaving” on their way to work, to check that all windows & doors are closed, turn on the alarm, turn off lights, adjust thermostats. With the Google Assistant, customers can use natural, conversational language.

“Strips” is Sensative’s first line of sensors which are revolutionizing the smart home sensor market. It is a series of sensors that have a unique form factor that make the sensors invisible once mounted; they come with a long lasting battery life (10 years) and are easy to setup and are Z-Wave and Zigbee certified. Sensative has had a huge success with Strips Guard, a wireless magnetic sensor that invisibly mounts on windows and doors and notifies you of open/close activities. With presence in over 20 countries all over Europe & USA Sensative launched their two new sensors: Strips Drip – a water leak sensor and Strips Comfort – a temperature and light sensor.

Strips Drip can be placed almost anywhere a leak might occur and be notified before water damage has a chance to take place. With a temperature sensor, Strips Drip can also let you know if a sensitive area is in danger of freezing. This allows you to prevent unnecessary water damage which could be costly and dangerous to your home.

Strips Comfort tracks the temperature and ambient light (LUX) in the room where you mount it. Its unique design means it can be mounted discreetly almost anywhere and, connected to your smart home, can communicate with other smart devices such as thermostats and blinds to keep your home comfortable and save you energy.

“Yggio”: is disrupting the market for smart buildings and smart cities with an open middleware platform. Yggio resolves problems of today’s vertical solutions, with singular point-to-point connectivity, which results in data silos that cause excessive costs and inefficiencies in managing many devices, materials and services connected to both commercial and private properties. Yggio lets property owners and tenants enjoy full control over their devices, utilities and services in buildings. Technology and service partners use the open, secure Yggio platform and service marketplace to rapidly deliver service applications within facility management, healthcare, home care services, home security, smart apartments, smart homes and more.

Sensative’s booth was located in the Smart Cities area in the Westgate building at CES. For more information visit their website: www.sensative.com or follow them on social media: @sensative

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