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Safety and security systems for homes have increasingly become necessary. They can control electronic locks for doors, windows, and the car garage from a digital panel inside the house.

If you want an undetectable intrusion sensor for easily breached home portals, consider getting the Sensative Z-Wave Plus Strips Invisible Window Sensor. The sensors are thin and seamless and use magnetic technology to detect when a window is opened. When the magnets pick up any changes, the sensor will alert you on your device.

The window sensor can be connected with an external alarm that can be programmed to go off when the system detects changes. It can be paired with home automation systems as well.

Hur står det till på vinterförvaringen?

Julkalender med sensorer – ‍Under vintern förvarar vi ofta våra saker – eller till och med fordon – i ouppvärmda och ibland fuktiga förråd, garage och källarutrymmen. Samtidigt är det ofta trånga utrymmen dit det kan vara svårt att ta sig för att inspektera status på till exempel textiler eller fordon. En modern lösning på problemet skulle kunna vara att använda en fuktsensor.

Fuktmätning med Sensatives LoRa Strips, Yggio för integrationen och data visat mha Microsoft PowerBI. Ett enkelt demo av möjligheter. Men vi kommer inte att utveckla detta vidare till en kommersiell tjänst. Någon som vill? Hör av er!

Strips review by Automate Your Life

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“The easy pairing process…”

“…incredibly reliable…”

“…due to the thinness, I’ve been able to put them in the strangest situations in my home…”

“… let my smart speaker tell me when my fridge or freezer door is open…”

Smart Home Sensors Don’t Have to be Ugly: Sensative Strips Review

I dislike the way most smart home sensors look. Whether they’re placed on doors or windows, if you can see them, I think they look kind of cheesy.

That’s why I prefer to buy sensors that can be mounted flush with the surface so that they essentially “disappear”. The problem with those is that you have to be handy with a drill or chisel to install them.


What if someone made sensors so small, they’re hardly noticeable?

That’s the idea behind Sensative Strips.

“… the strips work great. They’re responsive and reliable. They’re super-easy to install and there’s basically zero maintenance for the life of the sensor.

If you’re willing to pay extra upfront for zero-maintenance and discreet appearance the Sensative Strips are the best I’ve found.”

Z-Wave | Why Your Home Insurance Company is a Smart Home Enthusiast

Water leaks can happen almost anywhere. Get yourself a water leak sensor that can be installed almost anywhere, like under the dishwasher or under the freezer. Sensative Strips Drip is just 3mm (0.12 inches) thick with 10 years battery life.

Indigo Domotics now support Sensative Strips

The latest version Indigo 7.3 now adds support for many Z-Wave sensors, including Strips by Sensative.

Wassersensor – einfach, genial! Der Strips Drip von Sensative mit homee

Es gibt sicherlich spektakulärere Objekte im SmartHome als einen Leckage- / Wassersensor. Allerdings gibt es kaum wertvollere Anwendungen als solche, die unauffällig über Jahre und ohne zutun im Einsatz sind und dann im Bedarfsfall den Bewohner des Hauses vor erheblichem Schaden bewahren.

Die Sensative Strips Drip haben gegenüber Produkten anderer Hersteller den Vorteil, dass Sie ganz einfach und sehr dezent überall angebracht werden können. Das kann beispielsweise unter einer Wasch- oder Spülmaschine sein oder auch wie von mir Beschrieben unter den Kellerfenstern.

Meiner Meinung nach sind Wassersensoren ein absolutes Muss für jedes SmartHome und aufgrund der genialen Bauart sind die Sensative Strips Drip meine klare Empfehlung.

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Integrating the Strips Guard door/window sensor with Home Assistant

“The Strips Guard is overall easy to setup and integrate into Home Assistant. The sensor is plain without any flashing exterior, which makes it blend in nicely with most environments. “

A Strips Guard Review by Fredrick Biering