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How Much of Their Budget Should Building Managers Allot for COVID-19 Cleaning? | Propmodo

How Much of Their Budget Should Building Managers Allot for COVID-19 Cleaning? | Propmodo

Commercial building managers are planning to increase COVID-19 cleaning budgets in 2021.

…Over half of the respondents expected a 10 percent or more increase in cleaning expenses. This was twice as much as the second-highest category, tenant engagement, which also could be due to increased need for communication around cleaning…

While this bump in budget for cleaning expenses is understandable, it might not be necessary. Even before the shutdown, most cleaning procedures were only optimized to about 65 percent of their potential output, now with lower occupancy that is more like 25 to 30 percent. Even with additional spot cleaning needs, we are finding that many buildings already have enough staff to handle their needs…

Sensative comment: Since it all comes down to optimizing resources you need detailed data on where and when cleaning is needed. Check out the Sensative cleaning-on-demand sensor solution: https://sensative.com/iot_use_cases/post-covid-19-clean-desks-on-demand/



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