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Ongoing projects with public funding

To be a leader in IoT it is not enough to develop what the customers ask for today. You must be in the forefront of Research & Development to be able to deliver what they will need, when they need it.

We strongly believe in co-operation and partnerships to drive innovation. Below is a list of some interesting ongoing publicly funded joint projects that we participate in.

SOM kabelskap kraftringen sensative

Smarta Offentliga Miljöer

The goal is to increase the transparency and participation of citizens and create better public environments with the help of innovative solutions. The idea is that connected sensors and devices can play an important role in the creation of new types of solutions while providing opportunities for increased enterprise.

Part of the project is to find benefits with the Internet of Things (IoT) for the municipality’s activities. The project will provide an open LoRa network to be used be used as a test bed for local companies to develop and test new innovative IoT services. 

The project initially focus on four innovation examples: Bicycle data, Critical infrastructure monitoring (see image above) , Efficient and safe urban cultivation and User controlled waste management.

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with the use of Yggio, sensors and our IoT and wireless expertise. Yggio will be enhanced with new functionality, e.g. in the areas of integration of new protocols and standards, security for protecting critical infrastructure, to mention a few.

See this video about one of the sub-projects.

Participants: City of Lund, City of Malmö, Ideon Innovation, Lund and Malmö Universities, Axis Communications, Sony Mobile Communications, Ericsson, Telia, Sensative, Sensefarm, Mobile Heights, RISE, Schneider Electric, u-blox, Trivector Traffic AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, and many more (>40)

External funding: The project is part of the Strategic Innovation Program for the Internet of Things, IoT Sweden, which is funded by Vinnova.

Duration: September 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020


Connected Stockholm Royal Seaport

The project aim is to match real needs concerning governance for sustainable urban development with the City of Stockholm’s strategy for a smart and connected city.

The project will identify hard-to-access data sources and make them accessible in a way that provides direct and long-term benefits to the city and its citizens. At the same time, the project applies a modular and open thinking around a common IoT / data platform, which opens up collaboration with commercial players and research. The platform will also be available to other administrations and municipal companies.

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with the use of Yggio and our IoT expertise. 

Participants: City of Stockholm, S:t Eriks Kommunikation, Urban ICT Arena, Sensative AB, Metry AB

External funding: Vinnova

Duration:June, 2018 – June, 2021

the digitized farm by sensative

The digitized farm

The smart digital farm requires a new type of stable digital wireless infrastructure for services that are critical. This project will build a system that is robust and cost-effective and can handle both high data rates from cameras to slow battery-powered field sensors located far from the farm. The project will further develop existing and new services and adapt sensors and cameras to meet the needs of different farmers. The purpose is to create attractive packages around installation, operation and services for a digitized farm.

The needs that the farmer meets can vary depending on the size and operations of the farm, but are often about labor-saving measures, better control and increased efficiency and productivity.

Examples of digital services are found in several areas such as a) measurement and control and b) surveillance and protection.

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with the use of Yggio, sensors and our IoT- and wireless expertise, for development of the technical platform and pilots for IoT use cases and applications within agriculture and in rural areas.

Participants: Alovivum, Axelssons i Aby, Connetti, Consulin, Human Fidelity, Jacobssons Jordbruk, Knutsson Lantbruk och Maskinvärdering, Lantbruksit i Sverige, Lyckeby Starch, Mafa I Ängelholm, Nakhlatec, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sensative, Sensefarm and Videocent

External funding: the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) with support from Jordbruksverket

Europeiska jordbruksfonden jordbruksverket

Duration: July 2018 – December 2020


CritiSec - Critical Infrastructure Security

The challenges that CRITISEC will be addressing are:

  1. the heterogeneity of the edge networks and of the systems they are connected to;
  2. the resource-constrained nature of devices (e.g. battery power) and even of networks as a whole (packet loss, low bandwidth);
  3. the scale of the edge networks, that can be composed of huge numbers of (resource-constrained) devices, so requiring efficient and highly scalable security solutions;
  4. the predominant presence of open/shared platforms, where multiple applications share access to a common network of edge devices;
  5. the presence of legacy devices and platforms, for which secure update procedures are often scarce, if any.

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with the use of Yggio. Yggio will be extended with the results of the project, e.g. implementation of new security standards, etc.

Participants: HITEC Luxembourg S.A., Itrust Consulting Luxembourg, RISE, Sony Mobile Communications, Tyréns AB, Sensative AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, q2d Solutions AB

External funding: CELTIC-NEXT

Duration: December 2018 – December, 2021

anomaly detection by Sensative Machine Learning

Automatic validation of sensor data

The project will identify common sensor problems for the most interesting sensors in agriculture, including sensors for temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind in weather stations, sensors for soil temperature and humidity, etc. 

The project will develop models and algorithms (machine -learning, ML) and train these with previously collected data from agriculture (e g via LantMät administered by Jordbruksverket). 

The trained models will then be tested against data collected during the course of the project, in order to deliver added value for web-based decision support, cultivation systems , etc.

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project primarily with expertise regarding data analytics and machine-learning (ML), but also with the Yggio data interoperability platform, sensors and generic IoT expertise, for development of models, algorithms, functional libraries and services for validation of sensor data, analysis of various data sources and combination of these sources to provide extensive values for agricultural applications.

Participants: Human Fidelity, Jordbruksverket, Luda.Farm, Sensative, SLU, Videocent

External funding: the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) with support from Jordbruksverket

Europeiska jordbruksfonden jordbruksverket

Duration: April 2019 – February 2021

smart energy

Sustainable and Robust Energy Systems Of The Future

The projects goal is to increase knowledge about how the urban energy system of the future can become more resource efficient, robust and contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions.

The solutions presented are partly on a technical level, but in addition, the consequences for various actors in the city are specified and what the needs are for smart energy solutions to be implemented on a broad front. This includes both legal, policy and business development, as well as end-user perspectives to gain acceptance for new solutions.

Sensative part: Sensative contributes to the project with our IoT expertise. 

Participants: IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, Eco pilot, Siemens AB, Sensative AB, ElectriCITY Innovation EK, Sydö Property Aktiebolag, Veidekke Bostad AB, Wihlborgs Kunskapen 1 AB, Wästbygg Projektutveckling AB, and Midrock AB.​

External funding: Energimyndigheten

Duration: September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2021

AI for real estate by sensative

Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate

There are multiple purposes with the project:

  • Use AI to validate, qualify and correct data
  • Utilize AI/ML in Abiro’s services to further enable Abiro’s customers to be data-driven and efficiently automated
  • Enable 3rd party services in a simple and cost-effective way to use Yggio’s AI/ML engine to be able to offer real estate companies, cities and other customers powerful AI/ML based services.

In the project we will choose the appropriate AI/ML framework and integrate it into Yggio together with the extension of the public API so that Abiro (and other services) can use it. We will also implement an AI based Yggio function for data validation and an AI based use case in Abiro’s real estate services. The design of the AI service and the associated pilot will be carried out with one of the constellation’s existing property customers.

Finally, the resulting products will be validated from a GDPR / NIS perspective

Sensative part: The IoT platform Yggio and all related development activities as well as overall project management

Participants: Sensative, Abiro

External funding: Vinnova

Duration: September 2019 – September 2020

connected ship

Connected Ship

Ships are increasingly being automated and maritime equipment is often controlled by software and programmable devices. However, these control systems on-board are isolated vertical systems dedicated to specific tasks that are not able to communicate with each other or share data. The goal of the Connected Ship project is to develop and implement a horizontal ship digitalization platform to connect the different digital automation systems and sensor networks across different communication standards on board a ship. This will allow for the shipowners to access and analyze more relevant data to improve vessel performance and reduce costs.

The project will create unique and innovative solutions by transferring knowledge and technologies used in Smart Cities to the shipping industry as well as creating a collaboration on data sharing across the value chain in the maritime industry.

Sensative part: The IoT platform Yggio and all related activities will be Sensative´s main contributions to the project.

Participants: Maersk Tankers a/s, Innovation Committee at Danish Shipping, Wärtsilä Vasa, Sensative AB, Beijer Electronics AB, Accelerated Growth AB, Sea IT, Life Finder, MDC (Maritime Development Center), Mobile Heights, SMTF (Swedish Maritime Technology Forum, part of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden), VASEK (Vaasa Region Development Company)

External funding: Nordic Innovation

Duration: October 2019 – October 2021

SIFIS Home logo color 002


Increasing control and trust of Smart Home


SIFIS-Home aims at providing a secure-by-design and consistent software framework for improving the resilience of Interconnected Smart Home Systems at all stack levels. To this end, the framework enables the development of security, privacy-aware, and accountable applications, algorithms, and services, and makes it possible to detect and dynamically react to cyber-attacks and intrusion attempts or violation of user-defined policies, thus increasing control and trust of Smart Home end users.

SIFIS is a combination of IoT, telecommunication, cyber-security, research, and standardization
The consortium combines leading industry players in the IoT, telecommunication, and cyber-security markets with research and academic institutions, also involved as key contributors to premier international standardization bodies (e.g. IETF) and having leading roles in the SPARTA, CONCORDIA, and CyberSec4Europe projects of the European Cyber Competence Network. SMEs active in the Smart Home and IoT markets and Open Source community complete the consortium.

Sensative part: The IoT platform Yggio and all related development activities

External funding: European Union’s Horizon 2020

Duration: October 2020 – September 2023 

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