Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate

There are multiple purposes with the project:

  • Use AI to validate, qualify and correct data
  • Utilize AI/ML in Abiro’s services to further enable Abiro’s customers to be data-driven and efficiently automated
  • Enable 3rd party services in a simple and cost-effective way to use Yggio’s AI/ML engine to be able to offer real estate companies, cities and other customers powerful AI/ML based services.

In the project we will choose the appropriate AI/ML framework and integrate it into Yggio together with the extension of the public API so that Abiro (and other services) can use it. We will also implement an AI based Yggio function for data validation and an AI based use case in Abiro’s real estate services. The design of the AI service and the associated pilot will be carried out with one of the constellation’s existing property customers.

Finally, the resulting products will be validated from a GDPR / NIS perspective

Sensative part: The IoT platform Yggio and all related development activities as well as overall project management

Participants: Sensative, Abiro

External funding: Vinnova

Duration: September 2019 – September 2020

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