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Lund Open Sensoring City

Lund Open Sensoring City is creating an open testbed for the future real-time community, where people, organizations, infrastructure, and sensor systems work together to create a sustainable environment with high quality of life.

Lund Open Sensoring City focuses on finding solutions to urban challenges – from emissions and safety issues to resource optimization and prevention of traffic congestions. Solutions may also address micro-flows that create a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle in the city.


The open testbed that is being created as part of Lund Open Sensoring City aims to contribute to:

  • Breaking down barriers between actors
  • Involving new users and implementers
  • Provide fast and agile opportunities for start-ups, SMEs, and larger companies to test and develop new solutions in an open environment quickly
  • Aid national and international forms for scaling and replicating applications or moving applications to Lund
  • Provide the opportunity to create new values and monetize on urban data that is being generated
  • Be able to act indirectly as a policy lab for policy innovations
  • Address operational and security issues in a coherent way
Lund Open Sensoring City

Sensative scope

Further develop “Lund Open City Sensor Network” which consists of an open LoRaWAN network connected to Yggio and make it available to all companies, startups, and researchers to test new IoT solutions. Thanks to the project, we are involved in developing many new IoT solutions that thus become part of the Yggio ecosystem.

Project partners:

Mobile Heights, Sensative, Sony, Telia, Axis Communications, Lund University, Trivector, Kraftringen, Ericsson, Volvo Cars, u-Blox

Project duration: May 2020 – May 2023

External funding: Vinnova




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