connected ship by sensative and LifeFinder

Connected Ship

Funded by Nordic Innovation, the Connected Ship project will focus on creating collaboration and combining existing technologies and knowledge from the Nordic ICT and cleantech industries with the needs of the shipping industry. The outcome will support increased energy efficiency and a speedier transition towards a more sustainable development in the maritime sector .
connected ship

Ships are increasingly being automated and maritime equipment is often controlled by software and programmable devices. However, these control systems on-board are isolated vertical systems dedicated to specific tasks that are not able to communicate with each other or share data.

The Connected Ship project aims to demonstrate a digitalization platform on board a ship by the utilization of technology, platforms, and experiences from smart city projects combined with maritime industry control systems, communication protocols, and environmental prerequisites. It will prepare the ships for future interaction with the smart society (harbors, trucks, cargo, passengers, and other smart micro-systems). The platform will horizontally collect and control non-critical data, handle data access policies and enable data analytics, AI and automation, and other services to connect and access data and devices/control systems. This will support energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, Cyber Security and prepare the ships for future interaction with the smart society (thereby creating an “intelligent mesh”).

To harvest the data, the project aims to define the infrastructure and create a ship sensor network connected to the digitalization platform. The platform will control both data available today and new data types to support data analytics to improve vessel performance and save costs. Critical vendor-specific systems will connect vertically to the ship digitalization platform to allow the shipowner and their suppliers to analyze the data. The legal aspects of potential business models for data sharing when adding the vendor-specific systems to the ship digitalization platform will also be investigated.

The ship digitalization platform will help collect and manage data across the equipment from various suppliers creating a platform for open innovation.

Sensative part: The IoT platform Yggio and all related activities will be Sensative´s main contributions to the project.

Participants: Maersk Tankers a/s, Innovation Committee at Danish Shipping, Wärtsilä Vasa, Sensative AB, Beijer Electronics AB, Accelerated Growth AB, Sea IT, Life Finder, MDC (Maritime Development Center), Mobile Heights, SMTF (Swedish Maritime Technology Forum, part of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden), VASEK (Vaasa Region Development Company)

External funding: Nordic Innovation

Duration: October 2019 – October 2021



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