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Mounting quick-guide

Quick Guide to Correct Magnet Placement for Strips

  1. Always place Strips on the frame of the window or door when possible
  2. The magnet should be placed on the movable part whenever possible
  3. The rectangle magnet should be placed opposite and in line with the square end of Strips
  4. The ideal gap between Strips and the magnet is less than 15mm.
  5. Strips comes with a small test adhesive on the back which should be used for testing the mounting position
  6. Once tested and working properly in the desired place, you will be able to see open and close status in the gateway user interface as you open and close the window or door. Only then should you mark the position of the sensor and use the adhesive backing that runs along the entire underside of Strips.
  7. The adhesive backing is very strong, and should only be used once final placement is set. Note that moving Strips once you have mounted it with the full length adhesive backing could destroy the sensor. If you for some reason need to relocate the sensor, a tip is to use dental floss (or any thin thread) that you pull along Strips.

Strips and magnet placement in a window

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Strips and magnet placement in a door

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Magnet alignment

Small gap (< 5MM)

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For the best results, make sure magnet is placed at least 10 mm away from the edge of Strips

Large gap (> 5MM)

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The best option would be that magnet sticks out 6 mm beyond Strips.

Exceptional cases:

For the external mounting on the windows and doors, it is best to use side by side placement. Again, the magnet should stick out 6 mm from Strips


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